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Cincinnati Bar
The 2011 CBF Annual Appeal 50/50 Campaign Kick Off Party packed the
Blue Wisp Jazz Club with talent and an enthusiastic crowd.
First Place – The James Family Band
(T. Martin Jennings – Goering & Goering LLC, Paul James, Jr., Paul James, Sr.,
Daniel James, Robyn James)
Second Place - Legal Tender-
(Elizabeth (Libby) McCord, Campbell County Circuit Court Division II, Vivien
Carmichael, Lynn Hatmuth, Nancy Werden)
Third Place –
Tie between
Four on the Floor
Timothy J. Deardorff, Attorney at Law, Geoffrey W. Pittman, Law Office of
Geoffrey W. Pittman Co., LPA, Brian Deuo & Joe Sievering)
Hollywood Tragedy
(Christopher J. Dutton – Frost Brown Todd LLC, Lee Adkins, Greg Goforth,
Tony Nickol & Dave Rafalske)
People’s Choice Award – The James Family Band
Above, the judges enjoy the performances. Below, the crowd filled the
tables at the legendary BlueWisp.At upper right, CBA President-Elect
Tony Reiss has his eyes on the stage as Stacy Cole and Jason Abeln keep
an eye on the voting. Eric Combs, far right, kept things moving as emcee.
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