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Congratulations and thanks to the efforts of
Ed Felson & the Blue Wisp Jazz Club
Celebrity Judges:
Hon. Bradley J. Greenberg
Hon. Melissa A. Powers
Sean L. Rhiney
R. Guy Taft
Eric Combs, CBF Board Member
Entertainment during Judging:
Chrissy M. Dunn -Droder & Miller Co. LPA with John Sheil
Voting Monitors:
Stacy Cole
Jason Abeln
Arnold’s for the After Party
Clockwise from top left, Eric Combs banters with the crowd as Christopher J. Dutton of Hollywood
Tragedy awaits the judges’ decision.The ladies of Legal Tender lit up the stage with their costumes
and a cappella harmonies. GeoffreyW. Pittman rocks out on guitar as part of Four on the Floor.
Timothy J. Deardorff jams on the keyboard for Four on the Floor. Chrissy M. Dunn and John Scheil
wait to perform.The James Family Band takes center stage.
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