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January 2012 CBA REPORT
committee corner
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Juvenile Law
Co-Chair of:
Juvenile Court Committee
Practice Area:
A juvenile dependency docket which involves
cases of abuse, neglect and dependency of children.
Hamilton County Juvenile Court Magistrate
Law School:
John Marshall Law School, Chicago
Issues most interesting in my practice…
are the family and parenting issues
that are present in every case. It’s fascinating to see first-hand how a parent’s role
directly affects the lives of their children. Having been an assistant prosecutor who
prosecuted juvenile delinquents and now serving as a magistrate in the abuse and
neglect division, I have come full-circle and gained insight into how, and why, some
juveniles become delinquent.
Topics the committee is talking about…
Our practice committee wants other
attorneys to understand the complexity of issues facing Juvenile Court in delinquency
and abuse and neglect cases. We hope to help attorneys gain a better understanding of
Juvenile Court as a whole through the monthly presentations that we schedule.
What you like about your committee…
Being a part of the Juvenile Law
Committee has helped me understand what issues in juvenile law and Juvenile Court
are pressing on attorneys who practice here. I especially enjoy our roundtables which
are a free-form of discussion among the professionals, because this allows us to gain
perspective from the different roles each professional plays.
What your committee is working on…
The most important project for the
practice committee this year is to bring a sense of collaboration among the different
professionals who appear in, and work for, Juvenile Court. The best interests of the
children is our common goal and we need to work together in our respective roles to
attain that goal.
When I’m not in the office, I’m…
working at my most important job as mom.
For me, being a parent is the best job in the world!
Favorite quote that motivates me is…
I have two favorite quotes that
motivate me and I can’t pick just one!
“As important as your obligation as a doctor, lawyer or business leader might be, you
are a human being first and those human connections with spouses, with children,
with friends are the most important investments you will ever make. At the end of
your life you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more
verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a
child, a friend or a parent…”
— Barbara Bush
“One person can make a difference and every person should try.”
— John F. Kennedy
The movie or book that I always recommend is…
by Malcolm
Gladwell or any of his other books such as
Tipping Point
because…these books
provide an interesting and fresh perspective about how and why “life” happens.
My favorite place to go in Cincinnati is…
Again, it’s hard to pick just one! If
we are talking food, I love Thai restaurants. If we are talking ambience, I love the Dilly
Deli. If we are talking beauty, you can’t beat a family trip to Alms Park in the fall. The
trees are beautiful, the park is clean and the views are spectacular.
My heroes are…
my own children, of course, who make everything richer. And
my other heroes are the children on my docket who persevere and succeed despite the
tremendous adversities they face in their lives. Their resilience and successes inspire
me and remind me that we are all capable of overcoming hardships and that we are
responsible for our own destinies.
Magistrate Karen Falter
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