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January 2012 CBA REPORT
Young Lawyers Section
The CBA Young Lawyers Section is open to all attorneys age 36 or younger or in his or her first five years of practice
regardless of age. For more information on getting involved in the many professional, social and community service
activities of the YLS, contact Kathy Grant at (513) 699-4016 or
You are cordially invited to join the
Young Lawyers Section for its annual
Start the New Year off with YLS
members and friends. Committee
Chairs will be there with ideas for you
to get more involved with YLS.
Thursday, Jan. 12
5 - 7 p.m.
505 Vine Street
Downtown Cincinnati
A Common New Year’s
Resolution - Advance Your
By Staci Jenkins, YLS Chai
It is that time of year again where many of us sit down with pen
and paper to list out our resolutions for the new year. These resolu-
tions vary from person to person, but an item you will on many
lists, particularly those of young professionals, is to better one’s career. Whether you
are debating opening a solo practice, trying to be strategic in how to advance your
career within a firm or considering an in-house position, I have one strong recommen-
dation: Find a mentor!
I know, the idea of mentor/mentee relationships can sound daunting. However,
these relationships can take many forms. For lots of individuals, the more formal
mentoring relationship is not what is needed or desired. I will admit that a formal men-
tor/mentee relationship has always sounded forced and overly time-consuming to me.
Instead, start small and invite your mentor for coffee. The key ingredient to making the
relationship a success is that you should try to pick an individual who is experienced
in the legal profession. Target someone who has accomplished what you wish to ac-
complish. Also consider individuals who tried your ultimate goal, but then moved on.
The information that these experienced practitioners can share is irreplaceable. While
we all need to learn from our own experiences, there is no better way to jumpstart the
process than by first learning as much as you can from others.
While their experience is key, selecting an individual you could envision forming a
friendship with is also fundamental. The best mentors I have ever had were not formal
mentors, but instead were more experienced practitioners who I sought out as acquain-
tances and ultimately considered friends.
While you may be lucky enough to already know your mentor, you may not. If you
are considering a change in your career path or if you are a new law school graduate,
you may not have been exposed to the right individual. If this is the case, the CBA is the
place to look. For those new graduates, make certain to attend our upcoming Holiday
Party on January 12th at 5 p.m. at Palomino’s. The YLS Holiday Party is typically one of
our best attended events of the year. You’ll be able to meet more experienced YLS mem-
bers. In addition, many non-YLS CBA members also attend the party. If you’ve been in
the practice of law for several years, seek out a CBA substantive committee in your area
of interest. These committees range from Solo/Small Firm Practitioners to Military Law
to Labor & Employment Law to Corporate Counsel. Many of these committees meet
several times a year and they are the perfect place to meet experienced practitioners in
the field. When used strategically, your CBA membership can be instrumental in help-
ing you to achieve your New Year’s resolution. I wish you a successful start to 2012!
Welcome to YLS
Andrew M. Anastasi
Luke E. Anderson
Janna M. Banks
Courtney Alyse Bender
Bryan C. Berger
Angela W. Chang
Christina M. Flanagan
Thomas F. Hankinson
Jeffrey J. Hanneken
Laura M. Hardesty
Alan S. Henderson
Scott A. Hoberg
Sarah E. Jacoby
Caroline Margaret Koehler
Nicholas J. Kowalski
Kenjiro D. LeCroix
Ryan S. Lett
Timothy Michael Maloney
Aisha H. Monem
Jason W. Palmer
J. Andrew Recker
Amanda Carolyn Rose
Alan J. Spivak
Elaine M. Stoll
Erin E. Sullivan
Chad P. Thompson
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Kathy Grant at
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