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January 2012 CBA REPORT
feature article
hen dinosaurs roamed the
earth, there was a time when
potential clients had no choice
but to listen to a law firm’s advertisement.
However, with massive technological
advances, the world of law firm market-
ing has changed dramatically.
TV and radio ads have been losing
their effectiveness for decades. More and
more people now get their content from
niche publications and the web. Those
that still get their news from TV now
have DVR so millions of commercials go
unseen. As far as radio ads go, have you
heard of satellite radio?
So how do you reach your target
audience? Content marketing through
“thought leadership.”
What is Thought Leadership?
The concept behind thought leader-
ship is that you are recognized for your
knowledge and insights within your
industry or practice. Publications ac-
tively solicit your input for articles. You
are called upon to speak at conferences.
Clients and potential clients recognize
your name and the experience you bring
to the table.
How do I Showcase my Thought
A great way to highlight your thought
leadership is through the publication of
editorial columns. These columns can
help introduce you and your knowledge
to the general public as well as members
of the news media. Having an editorial
piece published boosts your overall me-
dia profile and can help create additional
media opportunities with reporters and
editors as they learn more about your
What toWrite?
Whether you are addressing a matter
of national policy or compiling a top 10
best practices or “how to” article, you
should choose a subject that is topical
and relevant to a general audience. Se-
lecting topics that closely align with your
practice is the most logical and the best
way to leverage your credentials.
When you have an idea for an edito-
rial piece, the following advice will help
you get published:
According to BBC News, “The ad-
dictive nature of browsing can leave
you with an attention span of nine
seconds - the same as a goldfish.”
Therefore, titles are crucial for many
reasons. Interesting, engaging titles
will obviously capture more readers’
interests and cause more people to
actually follow through and read your
article. As a best practice, the title
should be five to eight words long and
should not only engage the reader
but also tell them why they should
read your article. People now have
a limitless supply of content at their
fingertips and the only way you are
going to compete is if you can capture
their attention at a glance.
Introduction and Conclusion
The opening paragraph not only
grabs the reader’s attention, it
describes the main theme(s) of the
By Kyle Shumate
In your very hands is a perfect place to share your knowledge and market your expertise.
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