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April 2012 CBA REPORT
president’s brief
in the mid-90s when he was tapped to
be the director of stadium development,
leading the effort to construct and
manage Paul Brown Stadium.
The stadium “changed the
complexion” of the business, Troy said.
Their legal backgrounds are a real bonus
for the organization. “Almost everything
we touch — player negotiations,
contracts, benefits, tax, and even workers’
compensation — involves legal issues.”
But added complexity did not change
the nature of this family business
itself. Their dedicated employees are
themselves a part of the “family” and
25-year tenures are not unusual.
The team pays out $142 million in
player salaries, leaving little room
for extravagance. So everyone works
together, in an integrated organization,
toward the same goal: winning on
There’s no fun in losing. “When we
have a loss, it changes the whole climate
here. It hangs on you,” Troy said. “But we
are here every day working to make the
Bengals what we want it to be. We are in
it for the long haul.”
Katie and Troy love Cincinnati
and want football to help bring the
community together. To that end, the
team is active in more than 100 local
charities. As Katie said, “there are many
owners who don’t even live in their
team’s town. This is our home.”
Katie and Troy are passionate
about the Bengals and passionate about
winning. This is a seven-days-a-week,
52-weeks-a-year type of job. With a
smile, Katie revealed at least part of the
secret to her work/life balance. “I can
work around the clock — no matter
which part of the family I’m with.”
Spoken like a lawyer.
Weigel is the 2011-2012 president of the Cincinnati Bar
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