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April 2012 CBA REPORT
Cover Feature
lot of lawyers play fantasy
baseball (and football) and I am
one of them. I have always been
a baseball nut, so it is a logical extension.
I played in a league that included 22
teams during law school and now play
in a local league that includes mostly
Dinsmore attorneys and alums. I also
play in
USA Today’s
national experts
league (“LABR”). I won the experts
league last year, but only came in third in
the Dinsmore league.
It is a fun game in itself; you end up
rooting for a collection of individual
players across a number of teams and you
get to try your hand at managing a roster
in a simplistic way. You get to determine
By Douglas Dennis
player values for contracts, trade players
to improve your roster — a few of the
things that real teams do, but obviously
without having to deal with agents or
clubhouse personalities and with a lot
less information and a lot less money
The game has given me access to a
number of other baseball nuts, and even
better, access to a number of national
baseball writers, team scouts, executives
and players. I have a lot of fun baseball
war stories and owe them almost entirely
to playing and writing about fantasy
My wife would attest that I
sometimes do not keep it all in proper
perspective. I admit that I have flown out
to Phoenix every fall for the past 12 years
to get a jump on prospects watching
Arizona Fall League games. I first saw
Albert Pujols there, and this past year
saw Bryce Harper, who is the next big
superstar. I don’t think you need to be
quite that zealous to play and win in
fantasy baseball. But it does help.
Dennis is a member of Frost Brown Todd LLC and
serves on the CBA Board of Trustees, as well as the
Professionalism Committee for the CBA. He practices
in the areas of products liability, ERISA litigation and
Baseball Can Be a Real, Live
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