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s Tony Reiss begins his year-long
term as the 121st president of
the Cincinnati Bar Association,
one thing is certain: His solid values
and work ethic, instilled in him dur-
ing his childhood that have guided him
throughout his education and career,
will help him in his new leadership role
representing local lawyers.
Blue-Collar Roots to
First-Generation Lawyer
Born on Long Island in Suffolk Coun-
ty, New York, Reiss grew up the second
of six siblings to a father and mother who
worked hard to provide for their family.
His dad was a New York City firefighter
who rose to the position of captain before
retiring after 20 years with the unit. Reiss
recalls that his dad, who worked the
night shift and would be out all night on
runs, oftentimes would stay over at the
firehouse during the day to sleep a few
hours between shifts rather than drive
home because of the long commute from
the city back home. Reiss, whose father
passed away in 2010, shared that it was
“interesting to have a father in that line
of work,” and he readily saw the dedica-
tion and commitment to helping others
his father brought to his job.
That same desire to help others was
actually what inspired Reiss to go to law
school. “I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since
high school,” he said, recalling the very
moment in the high school cafeteria
when he shared with his friends —
mostly from families of doctors, dentists,
engineers and other white-collar profes-
sions — that he was going to go to law
school. “We were all
sitting at the lunch-
room table telling each
other what we were
going to do, and being
a lawyer was it for me,”
he said. “Anybody who
goes into a profession,
whether it’s law or
medicine, really does
so with the mindset
of wanting to help
other people. I think
a lot of what drove my
decision was that idea
of wanting to help
others deal effectively
with their issues.”
Law School, Early Career
Reiss attended Binghamton Univer-
sity, State University of New York for
undergrad, earning his bachelor’s degree
in accounting, and immediately contin-
ued on to law school. After graduating
from Syracuse University College of Law
and passing the New York bar exam,
he began work at a small law firm in
Norwich, NY, practicing estate planning,
tax, and corporate law. Though he only
worked at the law firm for a few years,
he met and married his wife, Karen,
while there. They have been married for
29 years and have raised two children:
Anthony II, 23, and Danielle, who turns
20 this month.
Following work at a regional CPA
firm in Binghamton where Reiss worked
to gain experience necessary for his CPA
license, and later a stint as trust manager
at a bank in Norwich, Reiss and Karen
decided to move to Cincinnati for better
career opportunities as the job market in
rural upstate New York was continually
In advance of their move, Reiss
traveled to Cincinnati to interview
with Fifth Third Bank and accepted a
position with the bank in December
1993. Karen and the kids, then 5 and 1,
moved in July of 1994. “I remember the
week of their move quite well,” recalled
Reiss. “I finished taking the three-day
Ohio bar exam on Thursday, closed on
the house we were building in Landen
on Friday morning, met the movers
at the new house that same afternoon,
and unpacked most of the boxes before
Karen and the kids arrived on Saturday
in His Profession
Tony Reiss Becomes
121st CBA President
By Carol J. Branch
Tony Reiss looks forward to serving as CBA president.
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