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Fifth Third Bank:A Perfect Fit
Reiss said that while they certainly
have missed their family and friends in
upstate New York, the decision to move
to Cincinnati was a good one as his fam-
ily has settled in here and now considers
this home. His career at Fifth Third
Bank, which has spanned nearly 19 years,
from his first position as a trust officer to
his current role of senior wealth plan-
ner — an area of new business he helped
develop for the bank in 2002 — has
provided him with incredible growth,
challenge, and, importantly, indepen-
“Probably the thing I value most
about Fifth Third is the fact that I get to
do the kind of work I enjoy doing, and
that is largely due to the management I
have. They basically let me do my job,”
he said. “I get to do the kind of work
I’ve wanted to do ever since I first got
my law degree. I get to go out and talk
about estate planning with people. I am
extremely grateful to Fifth Third for en-
trusting me with the kind of work I do.”
Reiss shared that the psychological
rewards of his job “far outweigh
the monetary rewards. At the end
of the day when you walk out
of a meeting with a client and
you’ve talked about their situation
and helped them work though
some of their financial issues —
whether it be providing strategies
to transfer wealth to other
family members
or helping them
deal with elderly
parents who are
getting ready to
go into a nursing
home —and you get
that email message
or that phone call
of appreciation for
what you’ve done,
that makes it all
While Reiss’
role at Fifth Third
is not actually in an attorney capac-
ity, he said his law degree definitely has
made a difference. “My role is focused on
estate planning, tax planning, and those
areas, so the legal background helps
tremendously, especially when talk-
ing with somebody about sophisticated
estate planning strategies like GRATS,
defective grantor, trusts, or limited part-
In his work, many of his clients are
prominent Cincinnati business leaders
who are household names. In fact, one
of his clients, Fifth Third’s own retired
Chairman of the Board George Schaefer,
is programmed into his speed dial. Being
entrusted with the financial planning of
affluent individuals doesn’t make him
nervous, Reiss said, but he does have to
be efficient. “When you work with CEO
types who are business-oriented and
also extremely busy, any given meeting
you have with them might last no more
than an hour, so you have to be on your
game,” he explained. “You have to know
what you are talking about. Whether it is
about estate planning issues or tax plan-
ning, you have to be concise and be able
to take extremely complex concepts and
boil things down. That’s a lot of what I
do. ” He shared that the skills he devel-
oped teaching college accounting classes
part-time at night for nine years when he
still lived in New York have helped him
greatly in this capacity. That teaching
experience also helped shape his confi-
dence in speaking in front of people and
Long Island, NY; moved to Norwich in
upstate New York after he graduated from high school
Wife, Karen; two children: Anthony (Tony) II and
Danielle (Dani)
Binghamton University SUNY, B.S.
Accounting; Syracuse University College of Law, J.D.
Ohio, New York, and Federal Bar licenses;
Current Employment:
Senior Wealth Planner, Fifth Third Bank
CBA Involvement:
Administration & Finance Committee (1997-present),
Treasurer (2007-2010), Vice-President (2010), President-Elect (2011), member of
Estate Planning Committee (since 1994) and Tax Committee (since 1996)
Did You Know?
Second oldest of 6 children; worked on parents’ dairy farm in his
early 20s to help pay for college (yes, he has milked a cow!); extremely shy as a child;
sleeping in for him is 6:30 a.m.; has worked in 15 different offices at Fifth Third in
his 18.5 years there, but has kept the same phone number; client George Schaefer,
retired Fifth Third chairman of the board, is on speed dial
Relaxing in the recliner watching baseball, sports, reading (books by
Malcolm Gladwell, such as
, are personal favorites)
Favorite Vacation Destination:
Any place warm that has sand; his family has
been to countless beaches up and down the East Coast, from Florida to the Jersey
Tony Reiss
Tony, and his wife, Karen, enjoy a
2011 CBA outing at the Cincinnati
Reiss’ children:Tony II, and Dani
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