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October 2012 CBA REPORT
feature article
questions from a moderator, in a public
forum, about their political upbringing
and formation. “We’re learning from
researchers like Jonathan Haight (
Righteous Mind: Why Good People are
Divided by Politics and Religion
) that our
political positions are driven by mostly
unconscious moral intuitions that are
often formed by our early family and
life experiences,” said Bea Larsen. “We
believe that getting to know the personal
stories of our political leaders will engen-
der better understanding of their outlook
and reduce the likelihood of our demon-
izing them.”
The Side by Side series is being
co-sponsored by the Hamilton County
Democratic and Republican Parties,
and the Charter Party of Cincinnati,
the League of Women Voters, YWCA,
Cincinnatus Association, and the Public
Library. WVXU and WCET have joined
as media partners. Twenty well-known
politically involved people have agreed
to present at one of the upcoming Side
by Sides. An initial series of four events
is being scheduled, one each in No-
vember, January, February,
and March and will feature
Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls
with State Senator Bill Seitz;
Council Member P.G. Sitten-
feld with Tea Party founder
Mike Wilson; former Mayor
and Secretary of State Ken
Blackwell with former Mayor
Jerry Springer; and Council
Member Yvette Simpson with
former Council Member Amy
Murray. CBA members are
encouraged to attend.
Political competition and
polarization may well be part of our so-
cial DNA. The challenges to maintaining
a sense of community today do
seem a bit overwhelming. These
brave people are exploring how,
with a little effort and a little
humility, we can do better. If the
response so far to the Beyond Ci-
vility initiative is any indication,
we are doing better already.
Rack is co-planner of Beyond Civility and
retired chief circuit mediator, United States
Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.
Paul Haffner,
President John
Tafaro, Kevin Flynn,
and consultant
Debbie Pearce
at the August
24 advanced
CBA President Tony
Reiss, Clerk of Courst
candidate Pamula
Thomas and Cincinnati
Tea Party Founder Mike
Wilson conferring at the
August 24 seminar.
City Council Members Chris
Seelbach andWendellYoung participate
in an exercise at the June 8 workshop.
City Council Member Yvette Simpson, NKUVP
and General Counsel Sara Sidebottom, and retired
U.S. Magistrate Judge Jack Sherman on June 8.
Neuroscientist and program
presenter Eric Gruenstein with
Beyond Civility conveners Hon.
Sandra Beckwith and David Mann.
Bob Rack, Hon. Sandra Beckwith, David Mann, Bea Larsen, and
Charter Party President Kevin Flynn at the opening of the first
communication workshop on March 30. 
State Representative Denise
Driehaus, Enquirer Reporter
Barry Horstman, Judge Pat Fischer
and Paul Haffner on June 8.
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