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October 2012 CBA REPORT
tech tip
ith the elections less than a
month away, I thought this
would be a good time to
review some of the resources available for
investigating the candidates and moni-
toring the issues. The impact of social
media in politics was made clear in the
2008 presidential race, but now politi-
cians and political groups have embraced
“app” technology which provides voters
with instant access to political infor-
mation on their smartphone, iPad or
Below are some of the most popular
election apps available today. Give them
a try and let me know what you think.
Ad Hawk
The Sunlight Foundation’s Ad Hawk
allows you to identify political ads as
they air and immediately learn about the
organizations trying to influence your
vote. Ad Hawk listens to audio com-
ing into your mobile phone when you
activate the “Identify this Ad” button.
The program uses the audio to create a
short digital fingerprint and compares
that against the database of hundreds of
political ads collected by the Sunlight
Foundation. If the audio fingerprint finds
a match, the app will provide informa-
tion about the sponsor of the ad and
other details such as the money received
or spent, where the ad is on the air and
media reports on the political group.
[Apps available for iOS and Android]
YouTube for Politics
YouTube created an election hub
for political videos. The hub contains
the most recent political video clips
related to the election in one place. The
top of the hub contains links to content
from news outlets such as ABC News,
BuzzFeed, The New York Times and the
Wall Street Journal. [Mobile access is
available for download if it’s not already
installed on your device]
NBC Politics
The NBC Politics app is a great place
to get the latest developments on the
campaigns. The app contains photos,
news, analysis of the conventions and
anything else that becomes part of the
news cycle. On election night, the app
will update in real-time as well to help
you keep track of who’s winning. Main
features of the app include: In-depth
profiles and the latest headlines re-
lated to each candidate; interviews and
reports from “Meet the Press” with
David Gregory; and an interactive map
for users to test the potential electoral
votes outcome (iPad only). Users have
the ability to share articles on Facebook
and Twitter and to follow @NBCPolitics
for the latest updates. [Apps available for
iOS and iPad]
This app was created by reporters and
researchers from the Tampa Bay Times
and its partners to analyze the candi-
dates’ statements, speeches, TV ads and
interviews to determine if their claims
are accurate. [App available for iOS,
Android and eReaders]
TPM Media’s PollTracker app pro-
vides users with the ability to track the
2012 Election in real time right from
your iPhone. Coverage includes the
presidential race as well as all of the
congressional races. [App available for
iOS only]
POLITICO serves as a one-stop shop
for the fastest, most in-depth cover-
age of the president, Congress and the
2012 presidential race. POLITICO was
launched in January, 2007. The key
features of POLITICO include access to
video clips, news, blogs, tip sheets and
political events. [App available for iOS
and Android]
WP Politics
The Washington Post’s WP Politics
is an app that focuses heavily on photos
and video to bring all of the hype of the
presidential campaign to your screen.
The WP Politics app provides a map
containing polling data in each state,
information on campaign ads running
in swing states and a map of historical
election data running all the way back to
1789. [App available for iPad only]
All apps can be found in the app store
or through a general internet search
depending on your device.
By Mary Lynn Wagner
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