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October 2012 CBA REPORT
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Official Party Sites
• Democratic Party
• Democratic Socialists of America
• Green Party
• Libertarian Party
• Reform Party
• Republican Party
• Tea Party
Traditional ElectionWebsites
CNN Election Coverage
Provides information on each candidate,
top political stories, campaign finance
information and the latest travel plans
for the candidates.
Fox News
Provides access to the top political
stories, speech transcripts, overview of
the hot issues in the election as well as a
candidate tracker.
Washington Post Campaign Site
Contains information about the candi-
dates, the issues and an election blog.
The League of Women Voters —
Smart Voter
Comprehensive, non-partisan election
information provided by the League of
Women Voters. Search tool allows user
to locate their local polling place, ballot
measures, candidate profiles and election
results. Browse local and statewide up-
coming elections and voter registration
State election resource list -
Contains a list of election websites for all
50 states. Sites provide information on
absentee voting, early voting, elections
statistics and PAC information.
Provides a nice collection of major poll
results. Allows you to search for various
issues and provides information on the
public opinion polls taken regarding the
Reporters and researchers from the
Tampa Bay Times and its partners ana-
lyze the candidates’ statements, speeches,
TV ads and interviews to determine if
their claims are accurate.
FactCheck is a nonpartisan, nonprofit
“consumer advocate” for voters that aims
to reduce the level of deception and con-
fusion in U.S. politics. They monitor the
factual accuracy of what is said by major
U.S. political players in the form of TV
ads, debates, speeches, interviews and
news releases.
Follow the Money: The Institute on
Money in State Politics
The National Institute on Money in
State Politics is a nonpartisan, nonprofit
tion revealing the influence of
campaign money on state-level elections
and public policy in all 50 states is run by The Center
for Responsive Politics is a nonpartisan,
nonprofit research group that tracks
money in U.S. politics and its effect on
elections and public policy.
Wagner is the senior research librarian at American
Financial Group.
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