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October 2012 CBA REPORT
Created in 1961 by three members of the Cincinnati Bar Association, the Cincinnati Bar Foundation continues today to
be the only law-related charity in Cincinnati dedicated to promoting justice and changing lives through the law. For more
information on the efforts of the Foundation, contact René McPhedran at (513) 784-9595 or
Support the 50/50 Campaign: It’s Our Community,
Our Profession and Our Foundation
By Ralph P. Ginocchio, President of the Cincinnati Bar Foundation
Our Community, Our Profession,
Our Foundation
. This is the theme of the
Cincinnati Bar Foundation’s 50/50 Cam-
paign, our annual fundraiser that begins
in October.
As lawyers, we live and work in the
Greater Cincinnati community. We share
its attributes: its beautiful topography,
our sense of community pride and our
excellent cultural and entertainment
institutions. Our community prides
itself in its charitable institutions and
charitable giving. We give generously to
our religious institutions, community
funds and our colleges and universi-
ties. As a profession, we should also give
generously. Your gift is a vital part of the
community, profession and the Founda-
tion. We ask that each and every member
of the CBA support the campaign with a
minimum gift of $50.
As a profession, we share the pride
that the Cincinnati Bar Association is
one of the oldest bar associations in the
country and
the oldest in the state
of Ohio. Our profession is the bedrock
of the constitutional and legal systems
which protect each individual in our
community. Our profession protects and
advances the lives, liberties and property
of each individual. We do this by per-
forming the mundane daily legal tasks.
We go to court, we negotiate contracts,
and we write wills, trusts and deeds.
Our Foundation reaches out to our
profession and our community. We
make grants and support programs that
improve justice and support our legal
profession. Just this past year, we made
over $111,000 in grants. This included
over $40,000 to buy new audio and
visual equipment for the Bar Associa-
tion meeting rooms on the fifth floor of
the CBA building. This grant advances
the legal education opportunities of each
lawyer. The CBF made grants to Cincin-
nati Works, ProKids, Talbert House
and a number of other organizations.
Each grant had a specific legal associa-
tion. In fact,
grant the CBF makes
has a specific legal association. The CBF
also made grants to the Military Law
Committee and the Professionalism
Committee of the CBA. Grants such as
these highlight the profession’s commu-
nity involvement.
The CBF’s programs and grants
directly affect the lives of thousands of
people and showcase our profession to
the community. Giving a gift to the CBF
is a simple thing to do, and the more who
give, the more we as a profession and
foundation can give back to the commu-
nity. Your gift is part of the larger picture
CBF Annual Advocates:
Part of the Partnership
Again, this year, a most-generous contribution
of $250 or more will place you in the Foundation’s
“Annual Advocate” circle. This is an honor bestowed
on special supporters whose actions speak loudly
and powerfully about the legal profession’s commit-
ment to the community. Annual Advocates will be
counted as partners in the 50/50 Campaign as well as
listed on the CBF’s donor wall. Please place yourself in this highly regarded group of
Foundation donors.
How to Donate
Help the Foundation support important
programs with a gift to the 50/50 Cam-
paign. Donors will be listed in the CBA
Annual Meeting Luncheon program. Also,
look for information about the 100% Club
for firms in the November issue of the
CBA Report.
You can make your contribution by:
• Using the campaign envelope in the
November CBA Report to mail in
your donation
• Mailing your contribution directly
to The Cincinnati Bar Foundation,
225 East Sixth Street, 2nd Floor,
Cincinnati, OH 45202. Please make
checks payable to The Cincinnati Bar
• Going online at
Donations can be made by credit card.
of our profession’s
support of our com-
munity. Please support
Our Community, Our
Profession and Our Foundation
with a
minimum gift of $50 or more.
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