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October 2012 CBA REPORT
president’s brief
I encourage you to reread the VLP
annual report, specifically reviewing the
attorneys who have accepted VLP cases.
You will notice that the list includes your
partners, associates, friends and other
colleagues. You will also see that almost
three-fourths of the cases are for clients
earning less than $20,000 per year and
two-thirds of the cases are to help clients
be able to stay in their homes, acquire
safe housing, deal with employment
issues or ensure that they receive the
benefits to which they are entitled.
So, you may be asking yourself, how
can I help? Please consider joining the
ranks of VLP attorneys or, if you are
not able to give your time, any financial
ast month we published in our
September issue the 2012 Annual
Report for the Volunteer Lawyers
for the Poor Foundation. As some of you
may have noticed, this is the 30
niversary of this fantastic organization.
In this issue we have a feature article by
Ginny Whitman, Managing Attorney for
the VLP highlighting some of the great
work they are doing to assist those less
fortunate. Please take the time to read
this article as it speaks wonderfully about
our profession and the desire to give back
that many of your fellow attorneys feel.
Many times we ask ourselves:
can I make a difference when the needs
are so great and the resources so few?
aggregating the efforts of more than 600
attorneys each year, the VLP has helped
more than 50,000 people over its lifetime
and provided approximately 500,000
hours of pro bono legal services. The
average VLP case requires only 25 hours;
about double the required amount of
CLE that each of us needs to attend each
year. What better way to spend about 30
minutes of your spare time each week!
The VLP counts on not only the
pro bono legal services provided by
our colleagues, but also the $120,000 in
financial contributions each year from
a variety of attorneys, law firms, busi-
nesses and foundations. Without that
financial support, the VLP would not be
able to provide the back-office functions
of screening and assigning cases to the
volunteer attorneys. In these difficult
financial times, it is very rare to find an
organization that leverages financial
contributions 12 to 1 with the in-kind
contribution of legal services.
By Anthony E. Reiss
contribution would help. Please also
thank a VLP attorney for the important
work they do and for helping to improve
the public impression of attorneys. Even
though the VLP may not be able to help
every person in need of legal services, for
those it does assist, it can change their
lives and their perception of attorneys.
For each client, their VLP attorney is
their knight in shining armor that is
there to save the day for them. On behalf
of the entire Cincinnati Bar Association,
thank you to everyone associated with
Reiss is 2012-2013 president of the Cincinnati Bar
Put Pen
to Paper
and Get Published in the
Have an interest in writing for your
colleagues? Consider writing for the CBA
Report. Put pen to paper and explore a
legal topic you are interested in or familiar
with. Submissions accepted include practice
area articles, humor columns, personal
perspectives, even opinion pieces. Share
your knowledge with others in the legal
community. Not only will you get a byline,
you could also earn CLE credit for your
contribution. Contact the CBA at (513) 381-
8213 or
details. And get writing!
Make an Impact and
Support the VLP
Many times we ask ourselves:
how can I make a difference when the needs
are so great and the resources so few?
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