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November 2012 CBA REPORT
legal writer
of words. And rewriting the backwards
order of some sentences helped too. Re-
sult: a 31% reduction in words, and grade
12 rather than 17. If you don’t think the
17th grade is high, remember that John
Grisham writes at the 6th-grade level,
and most magazines are that or lower.
Also I justified the right margins
and changed font from the mediocre
Times New Roman to the more readable
Some of you could probably do bet-
ter—might we take out the rules cites? I
think so, but left in to show the difference
from the original.
Next time you see one of your docu-
ments, just take a few minutes to clean it
up. We will all benefit.
Painter served as a judge for exactly 30 years (March 1982
toMarch 2012), including the Ohio Court of Appeals for
14 years, 13 years on the HamiltonCountyMunicipal
Court, and the last three on the UnitedNations Appeals
Tribunal. He now is Of Counsel withManley Burke, LPA.
He is the authormore than 400 nationally published
decisions, 140 legal articles, and 6 books, includingThe
LegalWriter: 40 Rules for the Art of LegalWriting, which
is available at
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