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November 2012 CBA REPORT
committee corner
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Colter Paulson
Char of:
Court of Appeals
Squire Sanders (US) LLP
Practice Area:
Appellate and Complex Litigation
Law School:
Columbia Law School
What kind of issues do you find most interesting in your practice committee?
Because the Court of Appeals committee focuses on a court, rather than a particular
subject area, we discuss a wide variety of substantive issues that end up on appeal. But
the committee tends to focus on appellate-specific issues, such as appellate jurisdiction
and final appealable orders, standards of review, and changes to the appellate rules and
the court’s procedures. Our committee also receives incredible support from current
and former judges from the First District Court of Appeals. The Court Administrator of
the First District, Mark Combs, is the perennial (and very active) vice president of the
committee. He and the judges have been very willing to share their wealth of institu-
tional knowledge about the court.
What would your practice committee want other attorneys to understand about your
Three things: 1. Any appeal can benefit from bringing in someone to pro-
vide a dispassionate perspective on what issues will be the most compelling on appeal
(and which to drop) and to provide a fresh look at the case. The record and the issues
often look very different on appeal — much of what goes on before a jury, and what is
known by trial judges, is not fully reflected in the record. 2. The skills that make a great
trial lawyer differ from those necessary for effective appellate advocacy. Good appel-
late briefs are significantly different from a trial brief or summary judgment motion.
3. Appeals benefit from someone familiar with the procedures and rules (written and
unwritten) of the court of appeals.
How has being a part of your committee made a difference in your own practice?
It has helped me to become familiar with the appellate bar, with judges from the First
District and Ohio Supreme Court, and keeps me up to date on rule changes. I’ve also
learned a lot about what the judges are looking for in briefs and motions. I teach the
Sixth Circuit Clinic at the University of Cincinnati, and often incorporate insights from
the committee in my classes.
What is the most important project for your practice committee this year?
We are
trying to do more frequent CLEs on appellate topics during our regular meetings. Our
last one was on original actions in the court of appeals. We also recently held an illumi-
nating (and entertaining) forum for the candidates in this year’s contested races in the
court of appeals.
When I’m not in the office, I’m:
at home playing with my six wonderful sons.
The movie or book that I always recommend is:
anything by P.G. Wodehouse. He was
a master of the English language, a consummate stylist, and his characters are as good-
natured as his plots are convoluted. His book “Leave it to Psmith” is quite possibly the
funniest thing I’ve ever read.
My favorite place to go in Cincinnati is:
the Mr. Airy Arboretum. It is well-kept, beau-
tiful, little-used, and great for the kids to run around.
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