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November 2012 CBA REPORT
president’s brief
school and college students the opportu-
nity to learn about the legal community
through paid clerkships and internships.
This program has successfully intro-
duced numerous young people to the
legal profession and has resulted in many
participants attending law school and
becoming attorneys.
Another initiative of the Round Table
is the Cincinnati Clerkship program. The
Clerkship program is designed to en-
courage Cincinnati’s legal institutions to
employ qualified minority first-year law
students as summer law clerks. Partici-
pating employers review the candidates’
resumes, assessing traditional academic
criteria as well as other skills equally
indicative of long-term legal career suc-
cess, including determination to succeed
despite obstacles, resourcefulness, and
strong work ethics.
The success of many of the Round
Table’s efforts is dependent on the
financial support and numerous hours
of devoted volunteers. In 1999, the first
Round Table Celebration Dinner was
held at the Gregory Center by then co-
conveners the Honorable Nathaniel R.
Jones and the Honorable Robert L. Black
who had the forethought to embark upon
ongoing fundraising efforts. Since then,
the annual event has generated funds to
wenty-five years ago the Cin-
cinnati Bar Association - Black
Lawyers Association of Cincinnati
(CBA-BLAC) Round Table was formed.
The purpose of the Round Table is to seek
better understanding of the concerns
and problems of minority lawyers and
determine constructive and meaningful
ways to help each other as lawyers and as
citizens of a nation committed to equal
justice under law, thereby furthering the
integration of minority lawyers into all
aspects of the profession.
The Round Table, under the direction
of co-conveners Hon. Timothy S. Black
and Hon. John Andrew West, develops
and plans activities which enhance the
recruitment of minority attorneys and
law students. It holds three annual recep-
tions to accomplish these efforts: the
First-Year Minority Law Student Recep-
tion in November, the Minority Law
Student Holiday Reception in December
and the Summer Clerkship Reception in
Two primary programs and now free-
standing non-profit organizations that
have come from initiatives of the Round
Table are the Greater Cincinnati Minor-
ity Counsel Program and the Summer
Work Experience in Law Program. The
GCMCP develops plans and strategies
to encourage corporate clients to place
commercial legal work with minor-
ity attorneys through the cultivation of
personal relationships with corporate
CEOs and general counsel. Membership
events, luncheons, networking events
and an internship program all support
these efforts. SWEL allows minority high
By Anthony E. Reiss
provide for paid legal internships for law
students and high school students. In
2007 the Round Table celebrated the 20
anniversary of the SWEL program and
raised nearly $200,000 to ensure the fu-
ture of the program. Since that time the
annual celebration dinner has continued
to add to that fund which is administered
by the Cincinnati Bar Foundation.
At the dinner, awards are presented
to individuals, law firms, public institu-
tions, corporations and educators or
education programs that exhibit exem-
plary commitment to the purpose of the
Round Table. Some notable recipients
are: Bea Larsen, Hon. Jack Sherman Jr.,
Hon. S. Arthur Spiegel , Hon. Robert L.
Black Jr. and Hon. Nathaniel R. Jones.
On November 10 the Round Table
will celebrate its 25
anniversary with
a dinner at the National Underground
Railroad Freedom Center and will
present awards to several well-deserving
recipients. We invite you to join us at that
dinner to celebrate the past successes,
honor the present recipients and commit
to the future efforts of the Round Table.
Reiss is 2012-2013 president of the Cincinnati Bar
BLAC-Round Table Celebrates
25 Years
The success of many of the Round Table’s efforts
is dependent on the financial support and
numerous hours of devoted volunteers.
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