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December 2012 CBA REPORT
in the spotlight
ome of you may know that I have a
love-hate relationship with writ-
ing. I hate the thought of writing,
but thoroughly enjoy the process, once I
find my inspiration. However, I seem to
always forget the writer’s mantra of write
what you know and use the personal
until the very
last minute.
I woke up
with my
— namely,
that a 50-
year time
span can
be viewed
in a couple
of ways. It’s
a relatively
short time
in respect to
history, but a
very signifi-
cant time period for us mere mortals.
So, I decided to do something that
every woman knows you shouldn’t do,
and that is, (in a roundabout way) reveal
my age. I decided to look at the 50 years
of the CBAA’s existence in relationship
to what I was doing during some of those
same 50 years. You can do the math…
In the fall of 1962, I left my small
elementary school, Concordia Lutheran
Elementary (on the corner of Clifton
Hills Avenue and Central Parkway) to
become the third of all five of my parents’
children to attend Walnut Hills High
School. As I embarked on the teenage
years of adolescent angst, pimples, stud-
ies and exams, the founding members
of the CBAA were impeccably charter-
ing their organization (after all, their
husbands WERE attorneys), identifying
the focus of their law-related projects,
holding fundraisers and social activities,
as well as,
aiding their
husbands in
their careers
and raising
families. The
the decades
of the 60s,
70s and 80s
are me-
in amazing
During those decades, while I was
attending Ohio State, dating and marry-
ing my husband, and beginning my own
family, CBAA members were:
• Volunteering at Tel/Med at
Bethesda Oak Hospital
• Manning the Law Line
• Participating in the ProKids
• Conducting hundreds of
courthouse tours
• Holding receptions for the
naturalization ceremonies
• Organizing Law Day activities
• Assisting at Moot Court activities
• Writing and publishing
Now You’re
Justice Walk
s (two amazing
publications distributed throughout
not only Hamilton County, but also
the state)
• Taping the Goldilocks Trial video
• Giving annual scholarships to both
UC and Chase Law Schools
• Collecting household goods
to furnish the Holmes House
residences for court supervised
youths (later Youth Incorporated)
• Holding holiday teas to collect
clothing for those youths
• Serving as hostesses for Ohio State
Bar conventions
• Hosting at the district judges
• Quilting a HUGE banner to
commemorate the country’s
bicentennial (check this out in the
back stairwell of the Law Library
at the Court House — it’s hanging
from the ceiling in a two-sided glass
framed enclosure and it’s absolutely
• Hosting at the CBA Memorial
• Decorating Christmas trees at the
Bar office
By Mary Morton
Cincinnati Bar Association Auxiliary Celebrates
As presented by Mary Morton, CBAA president at the 50
anniversary celebration luncheon.
50 Years
Alicia Hardin, Sheryl Ross and Janet Schneider enjoy the
company at Losantiville Country Club.
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