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December 2012 CBA REPORT
in the spotlight
By the time I joined the group in the
early 90s these legacy activities were well
established and time honored. I should
note these projects did not go unnoticed.
Both individually and collectively, the
members were recognized locally and
nationally (via the American Lawyers
Auxiliary) for their work. The articles
and certificates in the scrapbooks and
boxes of framed awards and plaques
in the basement of the Cincinnati Bar
Association attest to their prolific and
consistent excellence.
I don’t want you to get the impres-
sion that this was an all work and no play
group. Despite it’s lengthy list of philan-
thropic and civic activities, these ladies
were holding luncheons, touring mu-
seums, putting together fashion shows,
taking bus trips to points of interest
throughout the state and enjoying Tall
Stacks fundraising parties.
As I mentioned, I joined the CBAA
in the early 90s, primarily to enjoy the
social activities mentioned above. I was
welcomed into the group with open
arms. I was charmed by their warmth,
their character, their dedication, their
wisdom, their talents, their strengths,
and their interest and involvement in
each other’s lives. After all, they’d already
been together for 30 years.
It’s now 2012. As I look back over
the 22 years or so I’ve been a part of this
special group, I can truly say it’s been an
honor to work and serve with them, to
share my and my family members’ lives,
to claim friendship, to grieve over our
losses together (most recently, Josephine
Curry), and, lastly, to look over the total
50 years with pride.
Margretta Huster and
HelenVollman check in
guests to the luncheon.
Marilyn Marks and
Dorothy Schultz of the
CBA speak with Chief
Judge Susan Dlott, keynote
speaker, dressed as Betsy
Also in attendance were StanVollman, former CBA treasurer;Tony Reiss, CBA president; Chad Levine, CBA
treasurer;Terrie Minniti, CBA assistant executive director; and John Tafaro, CBA vice president.
On display at the event were several scrapbooks from the
Auxiliary’s last 50 years.
Marcia Cohen, Dorothy
Schultz and Alicia Hardin
catch up at the event.
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