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December 2012 CBA REPORT
Young Lawyers Section
The CBA Young Lawyers Section is open to all attorneys age 36 or younger or in his or her first five years of practice
regardless of age. For more information on getting involved in the many professional, social and community service
activities of the YLS, contact Kathy Grant at (513) 699-4016 or
YLS Celebrates Successful Year
By Stacy A. Cole
The new year is around the corner, and with it comes time for
reflection and resolution. This has been a fantastic year for the YLS,
and we have been more active and diverse in our programs and
members than ever. We are going to keep this momentum into the
new year and are excited to be able to continue to provide you op-
portunities to get and stay active with the YLS.
Looking back, we are proud to have reinvigorated some of our annual programs and
brought you some brand new ones.
• We changed our Annual Meeting from a happy hour (we still have lots of those) to
a luncheon where we were accountable to our members and showcased what we’ve
done and gave members the opportunity to sign up for programs or committees.
• We also kicked off a new year of tutoring at the Cincinnati School for Creative and
Performing Arts and had more than a dozen members commit to give back to area
children on a weekly basis.
• YLS hosted and organized the regional high school Mock Trial Competition, which
was bigger than ever before. This program continues to grow, increasing our need
for volunteer team coaches and competition judges.
• Our annual Run for Kids had a record-breaking year, raising more than $25,000 to
benefit ProKids. The Run for Kids has become its own YLS Board level committee
given its tremendous importance.
• And our YLS Board met with the SBA leaders for the UC College of Law and Chase
College of Law to further build bridges between law students and emerging new
lawyers, and to find ways to better serve those groups.
These are just a few examples of our many programs, events and causes. So if you
are looking for fulfilling ways to get involved, we have something for you. If you’d like
more information about our committees or programs, email Kathy Grant at kagrant@ or me at
CYC Gala Scholarship Presentation
The co-chairs of the
YLS mentoring committee,
Dan O’Brien and Amanda
Pennick, congratulated the
scholarship winners at the
Cincinnati Youth Collabora-
tive gala. CYC and YLS also
partner to provide mentor-
ing at the School for the
Creative & Performing Arts
for third grade students.
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