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December 2012 CBA REPORT
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continuing legal education
One Day — Two Great Programs
to Boost Your Productivity
Featuring productivity consultant Irwin Karp, Esq.,
Tuesday, December 18
Morning Session: 8:30 to 11:45 a.m.
Project Management for Lawyers: Planning, Prioritizing &
Collaborating to Get Things Done
3.0 Hours CLE Credit
Attorneys are notorious for completing work at the last minute. Busy schedules,
heavy workload, demanding clients, competing priorities and just plain poor plan-
ning can be to blame, leading to client complaints and even disciplinary proceedings.
Learning to apply legal project management techniques will help you juggle multiple
priorities and clients. This session will address the skills of delegation, collaboration
and communications with colleagues, staff and clients. Learn to balance your work-
load and effectively manage your case calendar through planning, weekly review, daily
review and scheduling of tasks.
Afternoon Session: 1 to 4:15 p.m.
Multi-Tasking Gone Mad: How to Practice Law Effectively in a
Wired, Demanding, Distracting World
3.0 Hours CLE Credit
Technology has made it easier to stay connected to work while adding pressure to
work faster and always be available. To practice law effectively and ethically, and stay
in control of their workload, attorneys must cope with a wired, demanding, distract-
ing world. This session will address the emotional and physiological consequences of
always being connected, as well as the potential negative impact on legal work, attorney
stress, attention span and the lawyer’s ability to think critically. Multi-tasking could
have ethical consequences in the areas of competent and diligent representation, as well
as client communications. We will explore the impact of multi-tasking on law practice,
ways to overcome it, and how to stay focused on priority tasks for clients.
About Workshop leader — Irwin Karp
Irwin Karp is a productivity consultant with Productive Time
in Sacramento, California. With more than 25 years of experience,
Irwin Karp knows the obstacles that can get in the way of staying
organized and focused in your practice. Karp is a graduate of the
George Washington University Law School where he was a member
of the Order of the Coif and the Law Review.
To register, visit www., call (513) 699-4028 or see
pages 26-27.
Learn How to Take
Great Adverse
Every Time
Deposing the Artful Dodger
Featuring Robert Musante, J.D.
Friday, December 14
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
5.5 Hours CLE credit
For the vast
majority of litigated
cases, it is most often
the overall qual-
ity of the “dueling”
depositions that has
the greatest impact
on their outcomes:
the settlements and
trials. Thus, the discipline of deposition
cross-examination is the most impor-
aspect of civil litigation.
In the newest of his eight nationally ac-
claimed seminars, “Deposing the Artful
Dodger,” guest presenter Robert Musante
teaches how to recognize and attack
question-dodging and truth-dodging by
even the most brilliant and wily of ad-
verse witnesses. This highly-entertaining
presentation utilizes numerous video
clips from three Q&A sessions where Bill
Clinton was cross-examined. These in-
clude on “60 Minutes,” in the Paula Jones
case and before Kenneth Starr’s grand
jury. Clinton’s politics are irrelevant to
the seminar’s teaching points, and com-
pletely ignored. He was selected because
on each of these three occasions he was
extremely well-prepared, extremely well-
represented and extremely motivated to
dodge and deceive … and pretty suc-
cessful at both. You’ll not likely depose a
more challenging “fact” witness.
Join Robert Musante for a high-
energy presentation sure to improve your
deposition and cross-examination skills.
To register, visit
call (513) 699-4028 or see pages 26-27.
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