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January 2013 CBA REPORT
tech tip
By Mary Lynn Wagner
ave you noticed that LinkedIn
is sporting a new look and some
slick new features? LinkedIn’s
focus for the past year has been on in-
novation to simplify the user experience
and create a platform for increased user
interaction. All of the new features focus
on sharing information with the belief
that more information provides extra
value and insight into your connections.
In addition to the website revisions,
LinkedIn has also incorporated many of
the new features into their mobile apps.
Redesigned Profile Pages
In order to simplify the profiles,
LinkedIn separated the page into 2
distinct areas: the right side of the page
focuses on you (who you may know, jobs
available, who has viewed your profile,
etc.), while the left side of the page is all
about your connections (who has a new
job, new connections, etc.). The profile
pictures have been made larger and the
work experience and education informa-
tion have been rolled up to
the top of the
profile for easy scanning. LinkedIn has
also made editing and adding informa-
tion to your profile much easier while
providing pointers on what information
to include to ensure that your profile gets
LinkedIn Today, which contains
all the customized news you will need
for the day (according to LinkedIn), is
featured prominently at the top of your
home page. All of the news articles found
through LinkedIn can be shared with
your network by clicking on the Linke-
dIn icon. Over the past year, LinkedIn
has also made an effort to partner with
hundreds of news sites to list their icon
under the share button so that you can
easily distribute news to your network.
The activities of your connections can
be found right below the news section in
order to provide more interaction among
members. This section will contain
articles posted by you and your connec-
tions, comments and any new connection
Endorsements make it easy for you
to recognize your colleagues’ skills and
expertise. When you endorse some-
one’s skills, they will be notified of the
endorsement via email. The endorsement
function is incredibly popular because
it’s easy and it provides more specific
credibility on the real skills of your con-
Connections can be endorsed in
several ways:
On the top of a connection’s profile,
you will see a blue box containing “Sug-
gested Skills & Expertise.” If you do not
see the recommended endorsements box,
you can add endorsements by clicking
on the drop down arrow next to “Send a
Message” and click on “Endorse Skills &
Expertise.” Note: You may also suggest
skills not already listed by your connec-
You can also endorse an individual
from the Skills & Expertise section
of their profile that showcases these
The New LinkedIn
CBA Offers Groups for
Committee Members
As an additional membership benefit, the Cincinnati Bar
Association now offers LinkedIn groups for each of its committees.
Committee members are automatically approved for the group so you can
get started right away. Have online conversations among members of your
committee about current issues in your practice area and about topics like
upcoming meeting agendas.
As a CBA member, you can add and subtract your own committee membership on
your practice areas evolve. You can also use the tools on LinkedIn to customize your settings so that you
can get real-time alerts or receive a weekly digest.
You can also opt to display the CBA logo on your LinkedIn page.
To participate in the groups, you must have a LinkedIn account. It’s easy to set one up at
com. Then follow the instructions in the main article to join groups.
If you have questions, please contact communications director Laura Gaffin at
or at (513) 699-1391.
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