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January 2013 CBA REPORT
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endorsements. Mousing over the skills
list in this section will highlight the term
“Endorse.” Just click on the plus sign “+”
and the process is complete.
Using a propriety algorithm,
LinkedIn has created a group of ap-
proximately 150 top “influencers” or
“thought leaders” who share informa-
tion and professional insights. As a
LinkedIn member, you now have the
ability to follow as many thought leaders
as you would like. Over the course of the
next few months, LinkedIn will expand
the number of thought leaders that may
be followed. This is a great opportunity
to engage with influencers in areas of
interest to you. If you would like to be
considered as a thought leader, you can
submit a request directly to LinkedIn us-
ing their application page:
Company Pages
The new company page design al-
lows companies to market themselves
more effectively to followers through the
updated header which contains links
to career information, products and
services and company insights. Compa-
nies have the ability to add images and
provide news/status updates which are
all available on the front page of their
profile. This adds a level of currency and
relevancy to those following the com-
Mobile App Updates
In addition to the website, Linke-
dIn has made a similar commitment to
updating and streamlining their mobile
apps. The iPhone app for LinkedIn has
been reduced to 4 main areas of access:
Updates, You, Messages and Groups.
From your phone, you can see who’s
viewing your profile, review, accept or
reject invitations, read the news from
LinkedIn Today and check for available
jobs. You can also send messages and
LinkedIn studies indicated that iPad
users accessed the LinkedIn app early
in the morning and late at night. Since
that’s considered the “couch potato” time
of day, LinkedIn gave the iPad app more
of magazine type layout. It has 3 areas
of access: YOU, All Updates and Mes-
sages. It contains a majority of the same
information as the iPhone app with the
exception of the jobs access.
Neither of the mobile apps allow for
profile editing or sending customized
connection messages, but they are still
nice to have for searching your network,
checking news and staying up with your
Both apps also provide access to the
LinkedIn calendar feature. LinkedIn
will sync your mobile device’s calendar
with their database to provide a deeper
level of information about the people you
are going to meet by showing you their
LinkedIn profile. The calendar syncing
has caused some concern because once
you provide LinkedIn with access to your
calendar, it will send your data to the
LinkedIn server in order to match up the
names and provide the correct profiles.
LinkedIn states that that you can turn off
the calendar feature at any time and that
that they do not store, share or use any of
the data for purposes other than match-
ing it to the relevant LinkedIn profiles.
It’s a really nice feature but I can’t justify
the benefits over the loss of privacy. If
you would like to read more about the
calendar feature, please see the LinkedIn
Blog posting from June, 2012:
Wagner is the senior research librarian at American
Financial Group.
Peaceful, Private…
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3317 Hickory Creek Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio
This gorgeous 12-acre estate in Anderson Township is a unique
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Dave Schirmer
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For more information…
Neither of the mobile apps allow for profile editing
or sending customized connection messages.
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