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January 2013 CBA REPORT
president’s brief
achieved. The same goes for giving back
to our profession. Big commitments are
sometimes needed, but, in many cases,
it is a small commitment that can have
the most significant and longest lasting
The CBA offers the opportunity for
our members to get involved at a variety
of levels. Joining a practice committee
is a fairly small time commitment that
allows a member to start to get involved.
Also, becoming a mentor in the lawyer-
to-lawyer mentoring program does not
require a big time commitment but has
enormous psychological rewards. My
road to becoming the volunteer leader of
this organization started more than 15
years ago with me joining the Admin-
istration and Finance Committee. Over
time, my commitment and engagement
with the CBA grew as each change was
only a small adjustment. I ask you, our
members, to consider increasing your
commitment and engagement with the
CBA. The CBA, just like all other volun-
tary organizations, cannot survive and
s we start a new year, I, like
many of you, try to make some
New Year’s resolutions. For
me, many of them are continuations of
what I am already doing, eating right,
exercising, reading some non-law related
books or magazines
and continuing to
volunteer for orga-
nizations or causes
that are important
to me. There are
also the new ones,
but, they are not
anything grandiose.
They are almost
always the small things that don’t really
get noticed by anyone else, like trying to
not to put things off until the last minute
and to think before I speak.
I always have been and always will be
a strong believer that small things done
consistently over a long period of time
can have tremendous impact. Not that
big things don’t have their place, but how
many of those changes actually “stick.”
We all know someone who decides to go
on the big diet to lose 30 or 40 pounds
who at first is successful, but, in many
cases because it was done in such a short
period of time, eventually the person
starts to backslide and is no better off
than if they had not gone on the diet
in the first place. The habit of eating
right just never got established in that
short time and no long term change is
By Anthony E. Reiss
thrive with the commitment of just a few
dedicated individuals, it takes the col-
lective efforts of a lot of people to make
things happen.
For those of you who are already
involved, thank you for all that you do
for the CBA and our
profession and I ask
you to continue your
commitment and
involvement. And for
those of you who are
not yet involved, I ask
you to consider making
a small change. Get
involved with the CBA
at whatever time commitment you are
able to make. I am sure you will find the
experience rewarding and will be glad
that you did. We would love to have you
join us in making the profession better.
Reiss is 2012-2013 president of the Cincinnati Bar
A Resolution
Big commitments are sometimes needed,
but, in many cases, it is a small commitment
that can have the most significant and longest
lasting impact.
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