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February 2013 CBA REPORT
balanced living
very serious illness. While I would have
liked to have had more of a safety net for
him and certainly an understanding that
if he ran into trouble to give me a call
immediately, he had a number of people
that served that function in his life. No
one is responsible for his death other
than himself, and no one should feel that
they could have and should have done
more for him. Frank was a very bright
and responsible person in so many of the
very important areas of his life. It is ex-
tremely unfortunate that he was unable
to exercise his very powerful intellect
and self-control in a way that would have
preserved, protected and enhanced his
life rather than let it slide into the depths
of despair.
At Frank’s funeral, I spoke about
what an absolute wonderful man he was
and an excellent attorney. I commented
that the way his life ended should not be
a measure of how his life be judged or
A note from the Ohio Lawyers As-
sistance Program:
The Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program
is unable to comment specifically about
a particular case due to confidentiality.
However, the harsh reality is that there are
times that, despite an appropriate, prin-
cipled plan to assist a struggling attorney,
the results are horrible. Gratefully, these
cases are rare. Typically, an appropriate,
principled plan produces positive, often
prodigious, results. These cases — a vast
majority ­— are rarely publicized. It is our
ongoing hope that attorneys continue to
have the courage to reach out to support
those individuals who require assistance.
OLAP can be reached by calling 1-800-
Robert W. Buechner is president of the law firm of
Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig Co., L.P.A. in
Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a graduate of Princeton
University and the University of Michigan Law
School and has earned the prestigious CLU and ChFC
designations from the American College.
Inaugural Program
Under Pressure?
A Revered Coach Shares a Page from His Playbook on How to Survive
and Thrive Amidst Stress and Life’s Other Realities
Featuring Kerry Coombs,
Assistant Football Coach, The Ohio State University
Thursday, February 28, 2013
4 to 5 p.m.
Light refreshments provided
Cincinnati Bar Center, 5
Floor, Downtown Cincinnati
Join us as Kerry Coombs, a coach with 30 years of experience, shares what lawyers can
learn from athletes and coaches about adopting the proper mindset to turn pressure-
filled environments into opportunities to motivate yourself to be your best and to find
satisfaction and reward in your daily routine. Whether you are a new lawyer looking to
set your career in a positive direction, an established lawyer looking for new sources of
inspiration, or a football fan, you will benefit from coach Coombs’ presentation.
Register at
by emailing
by calling (513) 699-4028.
The Balanced Living Lecture Series
Rewarding and challenging, satisfying and stressful, productive and demanding; the
practice of law is mixed with contrasts. Through the Balanced Living Lecture Series,
the CBA Health & Well Being Committee strives to share varied perspectives to help
you navigate your own path to a balanced, rewarding professional and personal life.
Contributions to support future programs may be made to the Cincinnati Bar Foundation
c/o: Kenneth D. Jameson Health and Well Being Fund.
Presented by the Cincinnati Bar Association Health & Well Being Committee
Balanced Living Lecture Series
1000 Main St., 6
floor, Cincinnati OH 45202 513.936.5300
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