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February 2013 CBA REPORT
tech tip
By Jennifer Frank
he market for Apple and Android
apps to aid the legal profession is
still growing, especially given the
integration of smartphones and tablets
into many firms’ and attorneys’ business
life. Not only can apps save you from
carrying around rulebooks and treatises
that weigh a ton, they can also improve
your on-the-go workflow. Here is a short
list of ten apps available to make your
lives easier:
Legal Research
Law Stack
— gives you a full legal
reference library at your fingertips,
including the U.S. Constitution and all
Federal Rules; available for free on Apple
products (additional resources, such as
Code of Federal Regulations and state
codes, can be purchased)
— provides subscribers
(Ohio State Bar Associations members)
with full access to the Casemaker data-
base of resources; available for free on
iPhone and Android
— a trial presentation suite
which allows users to fully customize
courtroom presentations, including the
abilities to edit video clips, make callouts
from documents, and markup exhibits;
available for $89.99 on iPad
— helps in the distillation
and organization of information in your
quest to seat the perfect jury; available
from $15.00 for iPad and Android
Mobile Transcript
— review and an-
notate court transcripts and depositions,
with a built-in tool to track billable time;
available for free on Apple and Android
— allows users to
read and markup PDFs with a variety
of annotation tools, such as arrows and
sticky notes; available for $4.99 on Apple
Time Sheets
— houses multiple tim-
ers to track billable time by client, and
builds reports of your billable time that
can be emailed; available for $1.99 on
Apple products
— helps you organize and
keep track of travel expenses by allowing
you to save pictures of receipts and build
expense reports; available for free on
Apple and Android products
Cisco WebEx
— give you alternative ways
to attend web-based meetings and
seminars; available free for Apple and
Android products
— provides remote access
to an unlimited number of desktop
computers once the LogMeIn software
is downloaded on the target computers;
available for free on Apple products and
for purchase on Android products.
Frank is a Reference and Electronic Services
Professional at Keating Muething and Klekamp. She
is also a licensed Ohio attorney and a member of
the CBA Legal Research and Information Resources
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