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February 2013 CBA REPORT
committee corner
Bankruptcy Judicial
Liaison Committee
The Bankruptcy Judicial Liaison Com-
mittee strives to facilitate an open and
meaningful exchange of concerns, infor-
mation and ideas among our bankruptcy
judges, trustees and practitioners. In
formulating its membership, the Liaison
Committee has worked to ensure that it is
representative of the various interests that
intersect in the bankruptcy process—
whether debtor or creditor, consumer or
commercial, or practitioner, trustee, or
judge. With your thoughtful input, we are
confident that we can improve the overall
administration of justice to those using
the bankruptcy system and elevate the
practice and professionalism of our bank-
ruptcy bar. To that end, we encourage you
to send your comments to the Liaison
Committee. Understanding that you may
wish to remain anonymous, the Liaison
Committee has established an email ad-
confidential submissions. Alternatively,
you may contact the following members
directly with your comments, which will
be relayed to the Liaison Committee for
discussion at its next quarterly meeting.
These individuals are happy to respect
requests for anonymity.
Ray Pikna (Chair)
Casey Cantrell Swartz (Vice-Chair
Monica Kindt (Secretary)
Ed Boll
Marge Burks
Steve Crowe
Eileen Field
Cara Hurak
Tim Miller
Nick Zingarelli
We look forward to a successful
Trust Account Guidance
Lawyers’ Trust Accounts: A Handbook on the Rules Governing
the Duties of Lawyers to Account for Client Funds
Single copy: $15; Five or more: $12 each
(plus tax, shipping and handling)
Thanks to the Cincinnati Bar Foundation.
To get your copy, visit the online store at
CLE attendees learned strategies for managing their practice at the
Counting the Beans inYour Practice
Solo/Small Firm Committee Chair Dan Moore greets
presenter Larry Alter.
John Stillpass
introduces the
presenter for the
Solo/Small Firm
Counting the Beans in
Your Practice
On December 21, the Solo/Small
Firm Committee sponsored a
successful CLE on managing ac-
counting for your office,
the Beans in Your Practice,
ed by CPA Larry Alter.
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