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Cincinnati Bar Association’s Professionalism Committee
encourages members to invite an adversary to lunch between
Feb. 1 and March 8, 2013, and then enter for a drawing of two
gift cards to a downtown restaurant: one for the member and
one for the adversary. Details are below. Awards include:
First prize:
One set of $75 gift cards
Second prize:
One set of $50 gift cards
Third prize:
One set of $25 gift cards
Take Your Adversary to Lunch
just leave the knives on the table
Attorneys may submit up to five entries; one for each separate lunch attended during the period February 1 to March 8, 2013. One entry per lunch (not per adversary).
Entries must be received by March 11, 2013. Incomplete or duplicate entries will be rejected. To submit an entry: Fax (513-381-0528) or mail this form to Cincinnati Bar
Association, Maria Palermo, 225 East Sixth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 OR email the above information to
Take Your Adversary to Lunch is
sponsored by the Professionalism Committee of the Cincinnati Bar Association.
Name:_ _______________________________________
E-mail:_ _______________________________________
Adversary’s Name:_ ______________________________
E-mail:_ _______________________________________
Restaurant Name:________________________________ Date of lunch:_ _________________________________
You may copy this form and mail it to the address below OR e-mail this information to
“It became apparent that
we share common values
that motivate us in our
chosen areas of practice.
We should all get to know
each other a little better.”
John P. Curp, Solicitor,
City of Cincinnati
Take Your Adversary to
Lunch 2011 Winner
“I was a bit trepidatious…
but it turned out just
great. We didn’t talk
about any of the cases we
have going. Which made
the lunch that much more
John C. Greiner, Graydon
Head & Ritchey
Take Your Adversary to
Lunch 2011 Winner
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