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February 2013 CBA REPORT
president’s brief
president, Breck Weigel. In addition to
these notable graduates, five of the last
eight presidents of the CBA have gradu-
ated from the program including Pat
Fischer, president of the Ohio State Bar
Association. The CALL program also
counts among its graduates numerous
others in leadership positions in various
committees of the CBA including the
Young Lawyers Section and many prac-
tice committees as well as community
leaders throughout Greater Cincinnati.
Not only does the success of the
program reflect the outstanding efforts
by the CBA to provide a worthwhile and
vibrant program, but also the com-
mitments of the participants and their
employers. The program requires a com-
mitment by each participant to invest
well over 40 hours of their time without
even considering the community service
project which can easily double that
time commitment. The employers of the
participants are making an investment
not only in their employees, but in the
community as well. The CBA is also for-
tunate to have a strong supporter of the
program in the Cincinnati Bar Founda-
tion. The CBF has a scholarship program,
named for Mike Neumark, to assist those
Just a few weeks ago the CBA
welcomed the 17
class to the
CALL program. The Cincin-
nati Academy of Leadership for Lawyers
(CALL for short) was the brainchild of
Michael Neumark, past president of the
CBA. Each year CALL welcomes 25 to 30
new participants to the program which
is intended to be the leadership develop-
ment effort of the CBA. This program
not only develops leaders for the legal
community, but also for the Greater Cin-
cinnati community as well.
The CALL program is open to at-
torneys who have been in practice at
least five years who have demonstrated a
commitment to giving back to the com-
munity. As the capstone of each class, the
participants must decide on and com-
plete a community service project. The
class is guided by a steering committee
from all facets of the legal commu-
nity including sitting judges, corporate
counsel, large firm attorneys and solo
practitioners, members of academia and
the executive director of the CBA. In
addition to the steering committee the
CBA staff invests numerous hours in de-
veloping and coordinating the program.
Countless others volunteer their time as
presenters and resources for the program
To date, CALL has graduated more
than 400 current and future leaders. A
testament to the success of the program
is that almost half of the current CBA
Board of Trustees are CALL graduates,
including our president-elect, Jean Geop-
pinger McCoy and our immediate past
By Anthony E. Reiss
who might otherwise not be able to make
the necessary financial commitment to
participate in the program.
In these difficult financial times,
voluntary organizations are always
looking for ways to reduce overhead and
stretch a dollar further. We at the CBA
have made a commitment to the CALL
program as the non-financial rewards far
outweigh our investments in the pro-
gram. Some of the funding for the CALL
program comes from the contributions
of sustaining members of the CBA and
we are grateful to our members who have
made this additional financial commit-
ment to the CBA, CALL and the Greater
Cincinnati community. There is no
other profession that I know of that has a
leadership development program. We, as
attorneys, stand alone in these efforts to
provide educated and dedicated leaders
to the community. Thank you to every-
one who has been involved with CALL in
the past and to those who have made the
commitment to continue this outstand-
ing program.
Reiss is 2012-2013 president of the Cincinnati Bar
Developing Leaders
Through CALL
Each year CALL welcome 25 to 30 new
participants to the program which is intended to
be the leadership development effort of the CBA.
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