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March 2013 CBA REPORT
balanced living
fear of failing as a parent
and spouse. Claudia recommends step-
ping away and coming to grips with the
fact that sometimes you are going to have
to go all in at one thing at the expense of
another commitment. And most impor-
tantly, be sure you do go all in on other
aspects of life despite people making it
seem you should reserve that singularity
for work.
Claudia also understands the par-
ticular stresses new attorneys experience
while adjusting to the practice of law.
They worry about all they haven’t yet
learned and no longer can measure suc-
cess with clear starts and finishes such as
final exams and semester breaks. Then
Claudia shared a great illustration with
me. On her bookshelf is a box with three
bean bags in it and a label that reads,
“Learn to Juggle.” Claudia tells young
lawyers that after the initial years of law
practice things will get better. In fact,
she assures them there will come a time
when they can throw all three bean bags
in the air and go home. The bean bags
will come down the next day, they will
catch them, and the juggling will simply
continue. Once you know you can juggle
and enjoy going home, Claudia believes
“you can have a really satisfying life, not
stress free, but very satisfying.”
While some of us transition and
seemingly keep moving forward, others
of us may step forward only to stumble,
fall behind, or wipe out. The important
thing to recognize is your ability to man-
age work so you can enjoy life.
Hatcher is of counsel with Dinsmore’s Litigation
Department working out of the firm’s Cincinnati office.
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