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March 2013 CBA REPORT
continuing legal education
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8 Days a Week – Strike a Chord?
Tips for MaximizingYour Time & MinimizingYour Stress
Featuring Professor Marjorie Aaron,
Director, Center for Practice, University of
Cincinnati College of Law
Wednesday, March 27
1 to 4:45 pm. Program
3.5 Hours CLE credit
Co-sponsored by the Center for
Practice at the University of Cincinnati
College of Law and the Cincinnati Bar
Association ADR Committee
About the Program
This workshop is designed to enable lawyers to maintain loyal,
well-informed, and satisfied clients even when “bad news” must
be delivered. Professor Marjorie Aaron, author of
Client Science:
Advice for Lawyers on Counseling Clients Through Bad News and
Other Legal Realities
(Oxford University Press, 2012) will present
key insights from her book, drawn from social science research
as well as nearly a thousand simulated counseling sessions with
actor-clients. The workshop will focus on practical ways lawyers
can be more effective when communicating with clients about
complicated legal process, issues, and ambiguities, conveying the
realities of risks and the importance of difficult choices. We will
learn how choices in ordering and wording a lawyers’ message
can undermine or enhance its clarity and impact, and the client’s
willingness to absorb its significance. Participants will learn
how strategic use of voice and gesture can affect client rapport,
relationship, and receptiveness to complex and unexpected infor-
mation. Attendees will receive a FREE copy of Aaron’s 270 page
book, a $40 value.
About Professor Aaron
Marjorie Corman Aaron is professor of
practice and director, Center for Practice at
the University of Cincinnati College of Law,
teaching courses in negotiations, client coun-
seling, mediation, and decision analysis.
Professor Aaron is an active mediator,
arbitrator, and trainer in negotiation and
dispute resolution in Cincinnati, Ohio and an
arbitrator for the national panel of the American Arbitration
Association. She is a sustaining academic member of the CPR
Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.
Presented by the CBA Women
Lawyers Committee
Friday, March 22
8:30 a.m. Registration
9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Program
3.0 hours Ohio CLE credit,
including 1.0 hr. professional-
ism and 0.5 hr. substance abuse
Tips for Managing Success Successfully
The seminar opens with a group of panelists from various legal
backgrounds discussing the challenges of balancing the com-
peting demands of work, family, and community involvement.
They will delve into how each member of the panel effectively
manages their time while staying successful and sane. The focus
of the panel will be to give applicable recommendations on how
they deal with managing a variety of situations and conflict.
They will share relatable insight with practical solutions based
on their experience that help them focus, prioritize, and be suc-
Harnessing Technology to Be More Productive
Barron K. Henley, Esq.,
Affinity Consulting
(Columbus, OH)
Barron is an attorney and a legal technologist. His presentation
will focus on how technology both simplifies and complicates
our lives professionally and personally. He will delve into the
myths of multi-tasking as well as, give useful technological
tricks and tips that can help you manage your time and work
towards being more productive.
A Cautionary Tale
(substance abuse instruction)
Judge Kim Wilson Burke has been on the Hamilton County
Court of Common Pleas Drug Court since 2001 and will be
sharing insights and tips based on her experience on the bench
to help you avoid the pitfalls and problems associated with
substance abuse.
Client Science:
Advice for Lawyers on Counseling Clients through
Bad News and Other Legal Realities
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