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What is Lawyer Finder?
It is a high visibility on-line service, brought to you by the Cincinnati
Bar Association. The public will be able to find you and your expertise
through personalized listings that allow users to select an attorney who
best meets their needs.
How will clients find me on Lawyer Finder?
Lawyer Finder is heavily promoted online through the Cincinnati Bar
Association’s website and through online advertising, capturing those
who are looking for a lawyer online. When prospective clients click on
Cincinnati Lawyer Finder, they will be able to fill in a few fields to find a
lawyer that meets their needs ­— and even browse among different
attorneys. These listings tell clients what they need to know to
connect to you. And, your listing will include a link to your firm
What’s in a listing?
The listings have a social networking feel, allowing you to really
reach prospective clients. Not only can you personalize it with
your background and up to two specialties, you can also note
details that help clients get to know you. What charities are you
involved with? What are your hobbies? Because looking for a
lawyer today also involves assessing the costs, we also suggest
that attorneys list their hourly fees to help gain a client’s trust.
Who develops my listing?
You do. You can update it any time with an easy-to-use online
tool. And, the CBA is glad to help you if you need assistance.
Get found.
Be part of the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Cincinnati Lawyer Finder.
How much does it cost?
You can be part of the Cincinnati Lawyer Finder by paying a flat
monthly charge of $150.
What is the fine print?
All attorneys advertising on Cincinnati LawyerFinder must have
professional liability insurance and must agree to submit any fee
disputes with clients to binding fee arbitration through the Cincinnati
Bar Association. For the fields of practice listed on Lawyer Finder, each
attorney must meet minimum experience levels in that area.
Check us out at
For more information please contact either
Maria Palermo, (513) 699-1402,
John Norwine, (513) 699-1400,
“I have been both pleased and a bit surprised by
the number of calls I have received as a result of my
Lawyer Finder listing. As with any marketing strat-
egy, some of the calls did not lead to representation
but a majority of the calls which I received resulted
in undertaking representation. One of the transac-
tions which I obtained as a result of a Lawyer Finder
referral has more than repaid the total of the cost of my listing since I
first began subscribing to this CBA service.”
—Thomas L. Cuni, Esq., Cuni, Ferguson & LeVay Co., L.P.A.
“I have been pleased with the number of phone
calls and e-mails I have received from potential
clients in my primary area of practice, employment
law representing plaintiffs, with a focus on sexual
harassment, disability and Family Medical Leave
Act claims. I am getting a respectable ROI. I like
the formatting that gives the potential client more
information about me and what I do than my other
— Melinda E.Knisley, Esq., Croskery Law Offices
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