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March 2013 CBA REPORT
president’s brief
50 complaints during that time. In ad-
dition to devoting more than 12 hours
to committee meetings each year, each
committee member accepts one com-
plaint to investigate which can range
from several hours to several years de-
pending on the situation. In some cases,
the matter can even make its way to the
Supreme Court.
The Unauthorized Practice of Law
and Fee Arbitration Committees are
comprised of 13 and 59 members respec-
tively. Fortunately, the workload of these
two committees is relatively light in com-
parison with the work of the Admissions
and Grievance Committees. The UPL
committee has four open investigations
and the Fee Arbitration Committee had
four fee arbitrations in 2012.
Last, but certainly not least, the Eth-
ics Committee is made up of 34 members
who spend 10 to 15 hours per year on
average on committee meetings and tak-
ing calls for ethics advice for one month
each year. These attorneys are a great
resource for any attorney who ends up in
uncharted waters. Getting timely and ap-
propriate ethics advice can help to ensure
that the matter doesn’t end up in front of
the Grievance Committee.
s many of you are aware, the
bar exam was recently given on
February 26, 27 and 28. While
I am sure most of us remember the time
preparing for the exam and some may
even remember the experience of taking
the exam itself, many of us probably
don’t realize the work and commitment
of attorneys behind the scenes protecting
the integrity of the profession. More than
250 of our colleagues are involved in
committees that ensure that those admit-
ted to the practice of law are fit to join the
The first and largest committee to
ensure the integrity of those admitted to
practice is the Admissions Committee.
This committee consists of 114 members
who each spend on average 10 hours per
year interviewing applicants, participat-
ing in internal review hearings, attending
hearings before the Board of Commis-
sioners and, in some cases, attending
a hearing at the Supreme Court. This
committee interviewed and processed
245 applications for admission in 2012
through the normal process and two
members of the committee interviewed
all 30 of the applicants who requested to
be admitted on motion as a result of be-
ing licensed in another state.
The Grievance Committee is one of
those thankless jobs where the commit-
tee is asked to police our own. The 57
members of that committee have opened
more than 100 investigations over the
last three years and have filed more than
By Anthony E. Reiss
All of the members of these com-
mittees are dedicated to the profession
and ensuring that we are able to police
ourselves into the future. Many of them
have been on their respective committees
for years and in some cases have had to
grapple with matters that can be life-
changing for the person coming before
the committee. As such, none of them
take their responsibilities lightly and they
all carry out their duties with the utmost
integrity. Many of them work behind the
scenes with very little, if any recognition
of the very important work that they do.
On behalf of the entire CBA, thank you
to all of the members of these commit-
tees; your tireless dedication and hard
work do not go unnoticed.
Reiss is 2012-2013 president of the Cincinnati Bar
Protecting the Integrity
of the Profession
All of the members of these committees are
dedicated to the profession and ensuring that we
are able to police ourselves into the future.
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