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April 2013 CBA REPORT
president’s brief
engagement. We are gradually starting
to see the legal economy rebound and
hopefully with it, more job opportunities
for younger attorneys and young people
fresh out of law school.
We are fortunate to have a great
group of new leaders coming up through
the ranks of the Association with new
ideas and fresh perspectives. We also
have the guidance and wisdom of our
older leaders who are willing and able
to tell us, “Been there, done that.” Our
young lawyers section and CALL are de-
veloping and inspiring younger attorneys
to become more involved and leaders for
our Association.
I would love to be able to thank
everyone here who has helped, supported
and advised me over this last year, but,
that would take too long and there would
be too many people to mention. I will
however express my deepest appreciation
for some of the people who have been
most helpful over the last year: John
Norwine, who has been the steady hand
steering the ship; Kathy Schmidt, who
does so many things behind the scenes to
ensure meetings and events run smooth-
ly; and the rest of the CBA staff for
their continued hard work, friendship,
guidance and support. Thanks to our
executive committee Breck Weigel, Jean
McCoy, John Tafaro, Chad Levin, Nata-
sha Cavanaugh and Erin Alkire for the
collegial atmosphere, lively discussions,
t is with mixed emotions that my
year as president of our Cincin-
nati Bar Association is coming to a
close. Over the past year I have had the
wonderful opportunity to represent you,
our members, locally here in Cincinnati,
statewide in Ohio and nationally at the
ABA and at the Conference of Metro-
politan Bar Associations. I have had the
great fortune of getting to meet many
attorneys whom I would otherwise not
have had the opportunity to meet and
have had the pleasure of working with
the most dedicated and hard-working
board of trustees who are always looking
out for your best interests. We are also
fortunate to have one of the best bar ex-
ecutives in the country in John Norwine
and one of the best bar staffs to run the
Aassociation. I will miss the almost daily
interaction with our board and staff.
Our Association, just like all other
voluntary associations, has its challenges
to remain viable into the future. We
are lucky to have some very dedicated
members who are devoting their time
and talents looking for ways to keep ex-
penses under control and developing new
sources of revenue to reduce the need for
ever larger dues increases. We have made
progress this year in further securing
our financial future. We are continually
looking for ways to increase member-
ship numbers and to increase member
By Anthony E. Reiss
different points of view and unceasing fo-
cus on the good of the Association. Our
committee leadership for all of the hours
they devote to improving our association,
supporting the legal system and helping
to educate our membership. Our Young
Lawyers Section for their focus on retain-
ing and engaging our younger members,
with a special thank you to YLS officers
Stacy Cole, Jason Abeln, Alison De Vil-
liers and Amy Pennekamp. And last, but
certainly not least my children, Tony and
Dani who have been supportive and have
been there to listen to my stories and my
wife, Karen, who has attended events
with me, put up with the long hours and
has been extremely supportive over this
last year.
Thank you for the opportunity to
serve you, this has been one of the most
rewarding years of my life.
Reiss is 2012-2013 president of the Cincinnati Bar
Thank you for…
A RewardingYear
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