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ean Geoppinger McCoy is deter-
mined to spend her year as the
CBA’s 122
president serving the
profession—particularly those attorneys
in transitional phases: recent graduates,
mid-career attorneys looking for new op-
portunities and senior counselors.
“To whom much has been given,
much is expected. I want this to be a
centerpiece of my term as president. As
attorneys, we have been given a tremen-
dous opportunity and it’s our duty to
look out, not only for our clients and
those in the community who are in need,
but also for members of our profession
who are experiencing difficulties,” Mc-
Coy said.
Early Life and Career
McCoy didn’t spend her childhood
dreaming of becoming a lawyer. Still,
she checked the pre-law box for her
major before she started her freshman
classes at Miami University. Lucky for
all of us, it stuck.
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Mc-
Coy grew up with two brothers, a sister
and parents who own a local family busi-
ness, Matlock Electric. Growing up in a
close family with a small business played
a defining role in McCoy’s childhood. In
particular, she looks up to her mother.
“To this day, I tell people that, if I
ever grow up, I want to be just like my
mom. She’s an amazing woman,” McCoy
After finishing high
school at Ursuline Acad-
emy, McCoy went onto
Miami and then to UC
College of Law.
“I actually didn’t
grow up with attorneys
in my family. I was the
first to go to law school,
but we now have two,”
McCoy said. Her
brother, Jeff Geopping-
er, is a partner at Ulmer
& Berne.
Once finished with
law school, McCoy
started at Graydon
Head & Ritchey LLP.
During her eight
year tenure, she was
primarily a commercial litigation defense
attorney. Notably, during her early years
at Graydon Head, McCoy worked with a
number of Cincinnati’s premier litigators
who have mentored her along the way,
particularly Hon. Susan Dlott and Hon.
Mike Barrett.
In 1998, McCoy moved to Waite,
Schneider, Bayless & Chesley. There she
undertook some of the work that has
helped define her career thus far, includ-
ing working to recover compensation
and restitution for Holocaust survivors
and their families. Throughout this
process, McCoy had the honor and privi-
lege of working directly with Holocaust
survivors, whom she reveres.
“That’s definitely the work of which
I’m most proud. Having the opportunity
to do meaningful work for deserving
people reaffirms why we do what we do.
Working on the Holocaust litigation will
always be a highlight of my career,” Mc-
Coy said.
Current Life
In 2011, Jean married Dean Mc-
Coy, a retired Army veteran who served
overseas in the War on Terror and works
at P&G. Through marriage, she has
welcomed two children, Audrey (12) and
Dallas (10), into her life. McCoy now
resides in Hebron, Kentucky.
By Laura M. Gaffin
AYear of Service
Jean Geoppinger McCoy
Becomes 122
CBA President
Jean Geoppinger McCoy looks forward to serving
the Cincinnati legal community this year.
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