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Cincinnati, OH; lived within
one square mile for most of her life
Husband, Dean; two children:
Audrey (12) and Dallas (10)
Miami University, B.S.;
University of Cincinnati College of Law, J.D.
First job:
Secretarial work at the family
business, Matlock Electric
Current Employer:
White Getgey & Meyer Co. LPA
Favorite music:
Classic rock
Favorite television shows:
Big Bang Theory, reruns of Fringe, and
Duck Dynasty
Favorite vacations:
Jeanne is quite the traveler; her favorite trips include
exploring the Middle East (with Julie Stautberg) and Africa
Did you know?
On the weekends you may find Jeanne on a 4-wheeler
or Dean’s new Harley
Jean Geoppinger McCoy
“If people I have lost touch with from
ten years ago were to see my life today, I
think they would be very surprised. I’ve
embraced some big changes that have
added so much to my life.”
After 14 years with Waite, Schneider,
Bayless & Chesley, McCoy also experi-
enced significant professional changes
during the past year. After spending six
months contemplating what she should
do for the rest of her professional career,
and joining her family’s business as a
consultant, she opened her own law firm,
before joining White, Getgey & Meyer
Co., LPA less than two months later. “It
has to be one of the shortest-lived firms
in the history of Cincinnati,” she jokes.
At White, Getgey & Meyer, she has been
able to get back to doing what she enjoys
the most—interacting with clients. In-
tuitively personable and inquisitive, this
is certainly a natural fit for McCoy.
CBA Role
McCoy has been involved with the
CBA in some form since she graduated
from law school. She’s served on a slew
of committees and helped with countless
events over the years, which have given
her a broad understanding of the Bar
as a whole. She hopes this knowledge
will help her address any challenges and
questions as they arise.
Among other things, she plans to
focus on making sure that law students,
senior counselors and those in transition
have the resources they need to make
successful moves in their careers.
“Since the recession began, the issues
facing those in already difficult stages
of their careers have only compounded.
It’s important for all of us to understand
this and make sure that we, as members
of a profession are doing what we can to
help,” said McCoy.
Possibly one of the most defining
characteristics of McCoy’s tenure will
be gratefulness for the opportunity to be
an attorney and the
she feels to help
others in the
“At the end
of the day, I
feel privileged
to be an at-
torney. With
that privilege
comes a sense of
responsibility to
those around me.
Be that through
pro-bono work,
volunteer service
or looking out for
one another, giving
back is an essential
piece of being an
* Photos by Mark Bowen Media
Audrey (12)
and Dallas (10)
The McCoy
Photo taken by McCoy
while traveling in Africa.
Jean and Dean at their Hebron home.
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