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June 2013 CBA REPORT
balanced living
tors, especially in the Cincinnati area. To
sign up as either a mentor or a mentee,
visit the website:
There are a number of local bar as-
sociations and committee
, including
the Young Lawyers Section of the CBA,
which focus on different practice areas
and demographics. Attending committee
meetings is a great way to meet others
who can help support you in your prac-
tice as a new attorney and throughout
your career.
The CBA Ethics Hotline is available
as a free resource to all local attorneys,
regardless of whether one is a member of
the CBA or not. The hotline can provide
information to attorneys who have
ethics questions related to their work.
Different attorneys staff the hotline each
month, and their contact information
can be found on the CBA website:
Callers should provide
scenarios in hypothetical, anonymous
format to protect client confidentiality.
Mentors can also come in unex-
pected forms. I have developed strong
mentoring relationships with a Domestic
Dedicated Fiduciary Professionals
For more information contact
513.932.1414 |
Bernard H. Wright, Jr., Senior Executive Vice President & Trust Officer; S. Diane Ingram, Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer; Leroy F. McKay, Executive Vice President & Trust Officer;
Melanie K. Crane, Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer; Steve P. Foster, President ; Bradley A. Ruppert, Vice President & Trust Investment Officer
Relations magistrate, a more experienced
former opposing counsel, and several
courthouse staff members. The best way
to develop relationships with such people
is to just reach out to them, ask for help,
and be genuine.
It is critical to your long term suc-
cess as an attorney to build strong
relationships with more experienced
professionals in the legal community. I
urge all new attorneys to use all of the
resources available to them to find a
network of experienced, trustworthy
mentors who they can go to when they
face the inevitable challenges, stressors,
and dilemmas that come with the prac-
tice of law.
Abdnour is an attorney at Legal Aid on the family/
immigration and education practice groups. Since
2011, she has been the supervising attorney of the
University of Cincinnati College of Law/Legal Aid
Society Domestic Violence and Civil Protection
Order Clinic. Abdnour’s work focuses on securing
immigration remedies for victims of crime;
representation in divorce, custody, and domestic
violence disputes; and advocating for the educational
rights of children from low-income and limited English
proficient families.
Use Cincinnati Bar Association
Arbitration Services.
• An outstanding panel of local
arbitrators you know and trust
• Easy to use
• Cost-effective
• Administered by CBA staff
Language for your contracts — as well
as more information about the panel and
the services — is at
or contact CBAAS Coordinator Jamie
Shiverdecker at
or at
(513) 699-4013.
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