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What’s new?
Beginning in May 2013, the CBA is embracing a greener approach to producing
CLE programs. This exciting initiative will involve promotion of many CLE
programs through exclusively electronic mediums (such as email, the CBA website,
and Facebook page) rather than through print/mailed pieces. It will also involve
providing seminar handouts in a convenient electronic rather than printed format.
Our Goals
Innovating to Serve Your Evolving Needs
• e-handouts will provide you with more flexible options for storing and accessing
your seminar materials (before, during, and after the seminar).
• e-handouts will be available for download by seminar registrants before programs
at our newly developed e-library
Providing a Supportive Learning Environment
• To facilitate convenient access to your e-handouts on your tablet or laptop during
seminars, the CBA has increased the bandwidth for the wireless network in our
conference center.
• We’re flexible. While e-handouts will be the preferred handout format for
future programs, we understand that some programs will not lend themselves to
e-handouts. In such cases, print handouts will be provided. And, in all cases where
e-handouts are used, print handouts will be available for purchase for a small
additional fee.
Environmental and Fiscal Responsibility
• By reducing our use of print materials, we will eliminate unnecessary
paper waste and expenses.
What is Next?
Watch your in box for information from the CBA; email is the most efficient
way for us to keep in touch with you about programs, events, and services aimed to
benefit you. Don’t worry; we won’t send you junk. And, please be sure to update us
with any change in your email address.
For more information, please visit
our Paperless
CLE Initiative
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