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September 2013 CBA REPORT
feature article
2014 plan decisions with limited guid-
ance. Employers are now free to design
their 2014 health coverage options with-
out fear of being penalized if the plan is
too expensive or doesn’t cover enough
The delay also provides the Treasury
Department with additional time to pro-
vide guidance on the pay or play rules,
including guidance on how to identify
full-time employees. With any luck, em-
ployers will be in a better position a year
from now to make their 2015 plan design
Wilcoxon is a partner inThompson Hine LLP’s
Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
group and advises employers on the legal requirements
applicable to group health plans.
Founded in 1904, Stock Yards has evolved from a small bank serving
the livestock industry to a nationally recognized, $2.1 billion regional
bank known for exceptional service. Our capabilities align well with
those of national banks, but our focus has always been building a
comfortable relationship for our customers that can only be given
by a trusted partner.
Use Cincinnati Bar Association
Arbitration Services.
• An outstanding panel of local
arbitrators you know and trust
• Easy to use
• Cost-effective
• Administered by CBA staff
Language for your contracts — as well
as more information about the panel and
the services — is at
or contact CBAAS Coordinator Jamie
Shiverdecker at
or at
(513) 699-4013.
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