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September 2013 CBA REPORT
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of Texas require parties to provide a
“Judge’s Copy” of all electronically filed
documents. Parties submitting a pro-
posed order in the U.S. District Court for
the Southern District of Ohio must email
a WordPerfect copy of the proposed
order to the judge. Accordingly, you
should review these rules and require-
ments carefully, and never assume that
the electronic filing requirements in a
foreign jurisdiction will be similar to
your local jurisdiction. Failing to adhere
to the electronic filing rules may result in
the rejection of your filing and the loss of
your senior attorney’s trust and confi-
dence in you, not to mention incur the
client additional, avoidable costs.
Contact the Court Clerk
Relying solely on online informa-
tion may be sufficient for many courts.
However, there are numerous federal and
state courts that do not provide informa-
tion online. For example, filing under
seal is very district-specific and the local
rules rarely provide practical guidance.
Accordingly, if you are handling a matter
in a local state or federal court, then it
would serve you well to visit the court
in person to better understand how that
court operates. If the matter is in another
state, then you should pick up the phone
and contact the court clerk regarding the
local rules and procedures. The neces-
sity to call the court clerk or registrar
becomes even more evident when you are
handling a matter in a foreign country,
where you will often find that there is
little to no information available online.
Substantial amounts of information are
available to you as long as you are willing
to step away from your computer and
visit the courthouse or call the court
While it is necessary for firms to hire
local counsel for out of state matters,
partners and senior attorneys rely on the
junior associate to navigate the labyrinth
of rules and procedures. You should
therefore prudently analyze all applicable
rules and procedures and, if the informa-
tion is unavailable online, be sure to visit
the court or contact the court clerk. The
risks in ignoring these procedures and
rules are real and substantial. By being
cognizant of these rules, you will allevi-
ate some of the headaches and stresses
associated with practicing in unfamiliar
jurisdictions, as well as demonstrate
your reliability and trustworthiness to
the partners and senior attorneys at your
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