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September 2013 CBA REPORT
feature article
redesigning the communication workshops for a new group and
planning another series of Side-by-Sides to start in the fall. We are
looking for more public figures willing to engage in Back-to-Back
issue discussions, though it’s a bit tricky for those who must run for
office. Other initiatives, including CLE programs based on these
formats, are on the drawing board and will be announced soon.
Meanwhile, we hope leaders and citizens alike will experiment
with ways to increase real, problem-solving conversation. A healthy
democratic society depends on it.
Rack is co-founder of Beyond Civility and retired chief circuit mediator, United States Court
of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.
Beyond Civility Steering Committee
Hon. Sandra Beckwith, Esq
Senior United States
District Judge, Southern District of Ohio,
Western Division at Cincinnati
Hon. Timothy Black, Esq.
United States District Judge,
Southern District of Ohio, Western Division at Cincinnati
Bea Larsen, Esq
Senior Mediator,
Center for the Resolution of Disputes
Robert Rack, Esq.
Retired Chief Circuit Mediator,
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Gene Beaupre,
Assistant Director, Philosophy,
Politics and the Public Honors, Xavier University
Lou Blessing, Esq.
Former Speaker Pro tem, Ohio House
Tim Burke, Esq.
Chair, Hamilton County Democratic
Bill Fee
Retired Vice President & General Manager of
Hon. Pat Fischer, Esq.
Judge, Ohio First District
Court of Appeals, Past President of the Ohio State Bar
Kevin Flynn, Esq.
Representative of the Charter Party of
Greater Cincinnati
Dan Hurley
Producer and host of Local 12 Newsmakers
and reporter for the station for more than 30 years
David Mann, Esq.
Attorney-at-Law, Mann & Mann;
former Mayor of Cincinnati; Member of Congress,
103rd Congress, First District of Ohio
Jerry Newfarmer
Former Cincinnati City Manager,
President and CEO of Management Partners
Yvette Simpson, Esq.
Member, Cincinnati City Council
Dale Stalf, Esq.
Chair, Litigation Practice Group at
Wood & Lamping LLP; Member of the Board of Trustees
of the Cincinnati Bar Foundation
Alex Triantafilou, Esq.
Chairman, Hamilton County
Republican Party
George Vincent, Esq.
Managing Partner,
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Mike Wilson
Founder, Cincinnati Tea Party
CBA Representative
Maria Palermo, Esq.
Assistant Counsel,
Cincinnati Bar Association
Co-convener Judge Timothy
Black chats with hosts at the
College of Mount St. Joseph.
Tony Aretz, president, College of Mount St. Joseph; Bill Seitz; Roxanne Qualls; Bob Rack;
Judge Sandra Beckwith; David Mann; and Bea Larsen at the College of Mount St. Joseph
State Reps
Denise Driehaus
and Lou Blessing
at a Back-to-Back
moderated by
Bob Rack.
City Council Member Yvette Simpson and Council candidate Amy Murray
present at a Side-by-Side at theWCET studios.
Ken Blackwell and
Jerry Springer before
their Side-by-Side at UC.
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