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November 2013 CBA REPORT
feature article
igh school students throughout
Greater Cincinnati are counting
on you—the local bench and
bar—as they prepare for the 2014 Mock
Trial Competition. For the last 30 years,
this program has given students a practi-
cal introduction to the justice system,
the Constitution
and the intricacies
of the legal process
by giving them
the opportunity
to participate in
mock trials as
either lawyers or
witnesses. The
program is spon-
sored locally by
the Cincinnati Bar
Association’s Young
Lawyers Section
and funded by
the Cincinnati
Bar Foundation.
More than 350
students from
22 area high
schools partici-
pate each year.
In the 2014
Ohio High School Mock Trial case,
“Phillips School District v. Jesse Spring-
field, et al.,
Phillips High School agrees
to license naming rights of its field to a
large corporation. In response, students
organize protests both in school and on
the field. The school district responds
by installing security cameras, search-
ing lockers of the students involved and
filing a lawsuit seeking an order autho-
rizing the school to remove the students
from the field. The students claim that
the school district’s actions violated their
First and Fourth Amendment rights. For
more information on this case, please
visit the Ohio Center for Law Related
Education’s website at
Where do you come in? Volunteer
lawyers are critical to the success of the
Mock Trial program. Volunteer attorneys
preside over the mock trials as judges;
other volunteer attorneys act as legal
advisors by helping students prepare for
their mock trials. Both opportunities
give you the chance to help area high
school students and share your knowl-
edge of and enthusiasm for the legal
Volunteer attorneys acting as judges
preside over the mock trials. With more
than 350 students competing during two
rounds of competition, we need more
than 100 volunteers per round to give
three hours of their time to act as “judge
for a day.” Judges
evaluate the students,
score their perfor-
mance, and offer their
observations of the
proceedings. Legal
advisors work with
faculty and students
in the months leading
up to the competi-
tion to assist them in
understanding the
law, mastering the
material facts of the
case and shaping
legal strategy. Legal
advisors also help
students develop the
technical skills neces-
sary to present their
case, for example,
how to cross-examine
witnesses or object to
improper testimony.
Both rounds of competition will be
held on Friday, January 31, 2014, with the
first round beginning at 1 p.m. and the
second round beginning at 4 p.m. If you
are interested in volunteering as a judge
or legal advisor, please contact Jamie
Shiverdecker at the Cincinnati Bar As-
sociation at (513) 699-4013 or email her
Make a Difference through
Mock Trial
By Jamie Shiverdecker
Mock Trial Competition
Volunteers Needed
Friday, January 31
1 – 4 p.m. & 4 – 7 p.m.
Contact Jamie Shiverdecker to
volunteer (513) 699-4013 or
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