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November 2013 CBA REPORT
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Settings>>Wireless & Networks>>Wi-Fi.
To turn off Wi-Fi for iPhones and
iPads: go to Settings>>Wi-Fi.
Consider Disposable Email
Disposable email accounts are
temporary email accounts that
are quick and easy to set up. They can
help you protect your privacy and cut
down on spam. One of the most popular
disposable email services is
. Any email address you can think of
already exists at so you
don’t have to go through a registration
process and give up any of your personal
information. Unlike Gmail or Yahoo,
Mailinator email addresses are owned
by everyone and anyone. As a result, all
email is
and you should not send
any personal or confidential email to that
inbox. Mailinator cannot be used to send
email and after several hours all email
received is auto-deleted. Mailinator also
has strict rules about what kind of email
it receives. Plain text is best and html
is filtered. Images and attachments are
stripped out.
Cover up yourWebcam
Did you know that your webcam
can be activated without your
knowledge? This can be done without
activating the indicator light so you won’t
even know that you are being watched or
recorded. An easy way to protect yourself
is to cover up your webcam with tape or
a piece of paper when you’re not using
Note: Cellphone cameras can also be
hacked so use caution with those devices
Password Managers
The strongest passwords are sets
of unique, random numbers,
letters and characters. The longer the
password, the harder it is to crack.It
also helps to not use the same password
for multiple user accounts. Password
Managers can help you remember
multiple, complex passwords and fill in
those credentials automatically. There
are numerous password managers on the
market, but LastPass is considered one of
the best free services and it outperforms
many fee based password managers.
With LastPass, all of your passwords and
other data are stored online in a highly
encrypted format which is resistant to
outside attacks. The system is designed
so that even the people at LastPass can’t
access to your passwords. The software is
available as a browser extension for Inter-
net Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari,
and Opera. It is also available as an iOS/
Android app for your mobile devices.
Protecting your
When browsing on your smart-
phone, utilize the same caution you
would on your computer by following
these simple guidelines: 1. Don’t click on
any suspicious emails or attachments;
2. Keep your operating system and all
your apps up-to-date; 3. Be sure you are
using a secure site [URLs begin with
] before purchasing anything or
checking your bank account informa-
tion; 4. Download apps directly from
your official mobile app store [Android
or Apple]; 5. Be sure to read all the
reviews and perform a due diligence
check on Google before downloading any
app to protect yourself from viruses and
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