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November 2013 CBA REPORT
feature article
hile many students enjoy the
last week of summer vacation
by traveling or spending time
with family and friends, 14 NKU Chase
College of Law students went back to
school early—on purpose! These dedi-
cated students attended Business Boot
Camp, an intense five-day program orga-
nized by Professor Barbara Wagner and
presented by the NKU Chase College of
Law Transactional Law Practice Center.
The program exposes students to com-
plex business concepts and real-world
case analysis. This year’s program cul-
minated with an
intense business
plan competition
that would rival
similar exercises
in many MBA
programs. Students spent the week learn-
ing fundamental aspects of accounting,
finance, economics, supply chain,
marketing strategies, and strategic man-
agement of processes and organizations.
Mastery of business skills is increasingly
critical for new attorneys who practice
in an ever-changing global environment.
Boot camp morning sessions were led
by Brad Bays, MBA program director of
the Miami University Farmer School of
Business and former Procter & Gamble
executive, who has conducted similar
programs for junior associates at a major
midwest law firm.
The program included “color com-
mentary” by Professor Wagner, former
associate general counsel for Chiquita
Brands International, Inc., and Jeffrey
Heinichen, entrepreneur, angel inves-
tor, and a Chase graduate with over 30
years of legal experience. Wagner and
Heinichen enhanced Bays’ presentation
with their own “real world” experiences
to demonstrate how lawyers encounter a
variety of business issues in their prac-
tice. Wagner explained, “While one week
cannot provide the students with all the
tools they need, this program opens their
eyes to critical issues and reinforces the
importance of understanding business
considerations when working with busi-
ness clients.”
Various leaders from a broad spec-
trum of disciplines led the program’s
afternoon sessions. They shared insights
and expertise in areas such as human
resources, corporate communications,
corporate securities regulation, loan
documentation, and managing law office
cash flow. Students gained a high-level
perspective on how businesses of all
types really function, including the busi-
ness of running a law practice.
Organized into three teams, the
students worked together to apply the
concepts they learned to a simulated
business problem. “The group exercises
really helped to demonstrate the business
concepts we focused on during the week
while we pulled together to read finan-
cial statements and understand business
valuations,” said second-year Chase stu-
dent, Brian Morris. “As an English major,
this was new territory for me.”
The capstone of the program was the
case competition where teams developed
a business plan for a struggling com-
pany and presented their strategies to a
panel of judges made up of distinguished
lawyers and other community business
partners. The winning team incorporated
the skills they learned during the week
by effectively analyzing issues and pre-
senting creative solutions. Second-year
student, Logan Forsythe, a member of
the winning team, noted, “The competi-
tion was a great way to pull everything
together and to demonstrate our newly
acquired skills and knowledge.”
After participating in the program,
students are not
only better prepared
to make recom-
mendations based
on a broad business
perspective, but they
have become more fluent in the language
of business. And they have succeeded in
expanding their knowledge and develop-
ing skills beyond what they learn in the
Business Boot Camp is the premier
annual program of NKU Chase’s Trans-
actional Law Practice Center. Drawing
on the resources and talents of a unique
partnership of practicing lawyers, faculty
members, and business partners, the
center provides law students and the
Greater Cincinnati legal community with
leadership, substantive education, practi-
cal skills training, and best practices in
the area of transactional law. For more
information, visit
Busken is a member of the NKU Chase College of Law
class of 2015.
By Alethea Teh Busken
NKU Chase Law Students Participate in
Business Boot Camp
“The program exposes students to complex
business concepts and real-world case analysis.”
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