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ohnTafaro isn’t a typical lawyer.
Whilehis focus has always beenpri-
marilyonbusiness interests, he still
credits his educationwithgivinghim the
skills to succeed inhis career.He looks
forward tobringing those skills to the
table as the 123
president of theCincin-
nati BarAssociation.
Education and EarlyCareer
Born inMaplewood,New Jersey,
itwas a strange turnof events that led
JohnTafaro toOhio.After
finishinghis junior year at
St. Benedict’sPrep, anurban
Catholichigh school inNew-
ark,New Jersey, the school
closed.Hewas leftwith the
choiceof completinghis
senior year elsewhereor
opting to start college early
at oneof a few schools.That’s
inSpringfield,Ohio entered
his life.
After graduating from
Wittenberg, Tafaropur-
sued aMaster’s inSports
Administration fromOhio
University inAthens. Soon
after finishing that degree, Tafarobegan
working forRiverfrontColiseum in sales
Itwas herehenoticed that thepeople
he admiredmost, includingTreyHeekin
andLarryKyte, all had lawdegrees.
Sensing that thismight behelpful inhis
career, Tafaro started law school at Salm-
onP. ChaseCollegeof Law atNorthern
KentuckyUniversity at night.
“I think that night school breeds a
great camaraderie among students. Some
ofmy closest friends to this day are those
withwhom Iwant toChase,”Tafaro said.
After completinghis lawdegree, Ta-
faro rose through the ranks atRiverfront
Coliseum.Heultimately served asCEO
of theorganization fornine years.
“I’mveryproudof the great eventswe
were able tobring toRiverfrontColi-
seum like the 1987WorldFigure Skating
Championships, the 1981DavisCup and,
of course, tons of Springsteen concerts.”
Since leavingRiverfrontColiseum,
Tafarohas served in toppositionswith a
number of local organizations,worked as
a consultant andpracticedwithKohnen
ChatfieldCollege andKohnen&
Currently, Tafaro is president of
ChatfieldCollege and serves as of coun-
Tafarohas always loved the classroom
andhas been an adjunctwith anumber
of schools throughoutOhio. “Seeing a
student have the light-turnedon and
start to ‘get it,’ that’s oneof the great joys
ofworking in education.” It’s easy to see
howChatfieldwas anatural fit.
two locations—one inOver-
the-Rhine and theother in
rural BrownCounty— serves
students from challenged
is able tomake in the lives of
students is clearly an important
motivating factor forTafaro.
“Education is theonly solu-
tion togenerational poverty.
AtChatfield,we strive tomake
an impactwith students of all
Tafarowill have an even
greater opportunity tohelp
serve themissionofChatfield
in itsnewOver-the-Rhine
location. Pictured, Johnwalks students
through the construction site and ex-
plains some architectual designs.
When JohnTafaro talks about the
Cincinnati BarAssociation, it’s easy to
seehis distinct appreciationof the rich
for theFuture
JohnTafaroBecomes 123
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