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historyof theBar andhis clear focus on
the future.Duringhis year as president,
Tafaroplans tobuildon theworkof
previous president JeanGeoppinger
McCoy and theBoardofTrustees.
InOctober at thebi-annual retreat,
theBoard adoptednewmission
andvision statements.Next up,
theCBAwill beundertaking a
three-year strategicplan for the
“Bydeveloping a strategic
plan aimed at fulfillingournew
mission, I am surewewill con-
tinue tomake theCincinnati Bar
Association relevant for the years
to come.”
In addition to the strategic
plan, Tafarohopes tousehis
business acumen tohelpde-
velopnew sources of non-dues
revenue and ensure the sol-
vencyof theorganizationgoing
forward.TheCBAhas already
implemented some changes
in this area and through
continued sponsor development and
recognition, andwill continue tomake
adjustments in the comingyear.
Tafaro is looking forward inparticu-
lar to theBench-Bar Social onMay14 at
Paul BrownStadium,which is sponsored
by theCincinnati Bengals andCBA
Throughout the year, Tafarowill be
focusingon sharing some interesting
stories of thosewho also follownon-
traditional career pathswith thehelpof a
“There are somany lawyers inCin-
cinnati followingnon-traditional paths,
Iwill spend thenext year inmypresi-
dent’s column interviewing someof these
people and exposingourmembership to
their unique stories.”
Look for thefirst interviewwith
StevenMacConnell ofCincinnatiUnion
Bethel in the JuneCBAReport.
Most importantly forTafaro, belong-
ing to theBar is about connections. From
developing collegial andprofessional
relationships tomaking friendships and
stretching skillswithpeers, theCBA
provides a forum for theCincinnati
legal community to connect—whichhas
always been themost enjoyable aspect to
“I trulybelieve a small investment in
theCBA canpaygreat dividends. I look
forward to theopportunity tobe apart of
that this year.”
Gaffin is thecommunicationsdirectorat the
Photos byMark BowenMedia
Tafaro shows students JoeyAnderson,OtisDuckworth and Emily
Scott plans for the construction and some of the historical features of
ChatfieldCollege’s new buildingwhich oncewas home to theCincinnati
Association for the Blind andVisually Impaired’s broom factory.
JohnP. Tafaro
Maplewood, New Jersey
WittenbergUniversity, B.A.; OhioUniversity, M.Ed.; Salmon P.
ChaseCollege of Law atNorthernKentuckyUniversity, JD
Current Employment:
President, ChatfieldCollege andOf Counsel,
Kohnen& Patton LLP
CBA Involvement:
Tafaro has served on the FeeArbitrationCommittee,
NominatingCommittee, Committee onCommittees, and has chaired the Sports
& Entertainment LawCommittee. He has served as a trustee of theCincin-
nati Bar Foundation and as amember of theCBF’s John L. Muething Lifetime
Achievement AwardCommittee.
Favorite vacation:
Anything on thewater!
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