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hen I was a newly-minted lawyer, I had the privilege
of working under Bob Stachler — a great trial lawyer
and a great guy, as well as a past president of the CBA.
In true “Stach” fashion, his career advice to me on my first day
was direct and straight-forward: “Do great work in service to
our clients. Do a lot of it. And get involved in the bar associa-
In Bob’s view, service to the Cincinnati Bar Association was
more than just the right thing to do. He believed it would serve
me well professionally in getting to know and learn from other
trial lawyers, judges and leaders in our legal community. He was
right. I have formed
many valuable relation-
ships through the CBA,
both personal and pro-
fessional. And now I am
honored to be the next
president of the CBA.
I am excited about the
year ahead, in part because of the work accomplished in the year
that just passed. Under the leadership of John Tafaro, a commit-
tee led by Past-President Tony Reiss, our friend Mark Grote, and
our hard-working CBA staff, the CBA adopted a plan that will
serve as a roadmap for the Association to further our mission
“[t]o promote professional excellence, foster justice, serve our
members and educate the public.” (John discussed the strategic
plan in last month’s President’s Brief and it is available online at
the CBA’s website for your review).
Now that we have “planned the work,” it is time to “work the
plan.” We have action steps associated with each of the plan’s
four objectives. We also have a talented and devoted Bar staff led
by John Norwine that has taken ownership of its role in execut-
ing the strategic plan.
But here I want to focus on one particular aspect of our plan:
the CBA’s efforts in social media. In talking to lawyers, I hear a
lot of varied opinions about social media. But however you feel
about social media, the fact is that it is an increasingly important
means of communication. Concert tours, multi-million dollar
advertising efforts and even presidential campaigns are being
launched in social media every day.
A renewed focus on utilizing social media goes back to the
basic reasons Bob Stachler wanted me to join the CBA — to
know, to engage, to learn from and to communicate with other
lawyers. For an organization like the CBA to not take advantage
of social media is not just a missed opportunity, it is a risk to
our relevance. The CBA wants to remain the important meeting
place for lawyers it has always been. To do so, we have to meet
the lawyers of today, and especially the lawyers of tomorrow,
where they are and will
be. That means using
social media.
So in addition to in-
creasing our activity on
the CBA’s website (cincy-, Facebook page,
LinkedIn pages, Twitter
feed (@CincinnatiEsq) and other social media platforms, we are
launching a President’s Twitter feed: @CincyBarPrez. Whether
it is about a member doing good deeds, a CBA activity you won’t
want to miss, or news of interest to our legal community general-
ly, we intend to use this feed to communicate with our members
in a new and better way.
Of course, a Twitter feed is only useful if it is followed, so if
you are on Twitter, please follow @CincinnatiEsq and @Cincy-
BarPrez. As an incentive, at May’s CBA Annual Meeting, we
will be announcing a drawing for a prize for all those who follow
our Twitter feeds — so don’t delay! If you’re not on Twitter but
would like to be, you can go to or go to the CBA web-
site for a quick tutorial on how to join. I hope to see you all soon
at the CBA — in person and in social media!
Combs is the 2015-2016 president of the Cincinnati Bar Association.
By Eric K. Combs
A Look Ahead
Of course, a Twitter feed is only useful if it is
followed, so if you are on Twitter, please follow
@CincinnatiEsq and @CincyBarPrez.
Checkout this month’s Tech Tip on page 12 for some Twitter tips.
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