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Combs was a member of Leadership
Class XXXII and the Cincinnati Acad-
emy of Leadership for Lawyers (CALL)
Class VII 2003. He encourages lawyers
who are not already doing so to become
more involved in the community. It
leads to great things for all involved.
“Lawyers have skills that cause people to
look to them to lead,” he explained. “In
my experience accepting that challenge
in a community service role can pay
dividends for you and the organization. I
have found that board roles not only have
given me the opportunity to contribute
to the success of organizations I believe
in, but also to learn about the challenges
of leadership and how to be a more effec-
tive leader.”
When not at work on behalf of his
clients or volunteering in the commu-
nity, Combs keeps busy with his family
in Anderson Township. He and his wife,
Jane, have two children Aidan, 11, and
Natalie, 9. Said Combs, “Overall, I’m
most proud of my kids. They are really
fun and inquisitive. Jane deserves most
of the credit, but I like to think I’m part
of it too.”
As the setting for the cover of this
issue of the
suggests, Combs is
an avid Reds fan. Johnny Bench is his
all-time favorite Redleg, he shared, but
he loves all things baseball. He was a
baseball player in his youth and umpired
Little League games as a teen. Combs
The Combs File
wife, Jane, and two children, Aidan (11) and Natalie (9).
B.S., Miami University; J.D., University of Wisconsin Law
Partner at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, commercial litigation
Watching, playing and coaching sports of all kinds, particularly,
golf, basketball and baseball.
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Naples, Florida or mountains anywhere.
Favorite music:
Grew up singing in various choirs (including Miami
University) and still enjoys all kinds of music; he is active on the board of
the May Festival and ArtsWave
Favorite Book:
“Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernaw. Everything
about Hamilton’s unlikely path to being one of the most influential people
in American history is fascinating to me.
Favorite Quote:
“Your choices are these: lead, follow or get out of
the way.”
Combs at the 2014 Rock the Foundation
Combs with wife, Jane, and children, Natalie and Aidan.
even had the thrill of witnessing base-
ball history at Riverfront Stadium in
September 1985, the night Pete Rose hit
No. 4,192. “Our seats were way up by the
scoreboard, so we were a long way away,
but we were there!”
CBA Platform
Combs made the choice to get
involved with the CBA very early in his
career. He joined the Bar in 1996, his
first year in practice after law school.
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