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Encourage your clients to bring hope where there is despair,
love where there is loneliness and faith where there is emptiness.
He encourages
newly minted
lawyers to do the
same. Combs
shared that he
will continue
the successful
initiatives imple-
mented by past
presidents, includ-
ing Immediate
Past President
John Tafaro. He
plans to fully
embrace the CBA’s
new strategic plan,
and will continue
to talk up the value
of Bar membership
“to anyone who will
listen” while also
remaining steadfast to the task of devel-
oping more cost-effective ways to run the
“Our biggest value-add is our ability
to bring lawyers together. I’m lucky in
that socializing with other lawyers is one
of my favorite things to do. I love to see
the CBA acting as a catalyst for bringing
lawyers together — on the softball field,
at the Bar Center, on the golf course,
and everywhere in between.” com-
mented Combs. “I also hope to continue
to address the challenge of relevance
and membership. At the CBA, we need
to look at new ways to deliver the same
level of service and programs while using
technology to lower costs.” It is through
“focusing on social media and other
technology,” explained Combs, “that we
can continue to attract and retain young,
diverse legal talent.”
Combs expects that his year as CBA
president will go quickly, but he is excited
about serving in this ultimate leadership
role and doing what he can to keep the
Bar moving forward. “As I am sure is
the case with any CBA president, I hope
to continue to further our mission and
vision in everything we do. However, I’m
under no illusions that this year will be
anything but very fast.”
Branch served as CBA communications director from
1998 to 2007. She is currently a freelance writer/editor.
Thank you to the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum
for allowing the CBA use of the facility to take photographs.
Photos by Mark Bowen Media.
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