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ne thing I know about our tight-knit
legal community is that news can
travel fast. I suspect many of you
readers may already know that in December,
after more than 20 years as executive direc-
tor of the CBA, John Norwine announced his
intention to retire effective June of this year.
John’s retirement is well-earned, as he has
been a wonderful servant to the CBA and the
region’s legal community. Over the next few
months I expect that we will find appropriate opportunities to
show our gratitude for his hard work and to celebrate his service.
But for now, we are charged with the task of finding a new
executive director for the CBA. We are lucky that we have not
had the burden of searching for new executive leadership over
the last 20 years. Now that the time has come to do so, the board
is already at work to identify a new leader for our hard-working
and dedicated CBA staff. I have appointed an Executive Director
Search Committee, co-chaired by the next two CBA Presidents
Doug Dennis and John Williams. Over the next few weeks,
the committee will be meeting to fine-tune a job description,
publicize the search and advertise the position, identify and vet
potential candidates, and make a recommendation to the full
board regarding the hiring of a new executive director. There is
much important work to be done, but I am confident that this
group of willing volunteers will be up to the task. On behalf of
the board of trustees, we welcome our members’ input. If you
have ideas, thoughts or questions about the search, please do not
hesitate to share them with me, members of the search commit-
tee, or board trustees.
Members of the Executive Director Search Committee:
Co-Chair Doug Dennis,
CBA President-Elect
Co-Chair John Williams,
CBA Vice-President
Donnie Bailey,
CBA Board Trustee and President of BLAC
Eric Combs,
CBA President
Hon. Ethna Cooper,
CBA Board Trustee
Joe Heyd,
CBA Board Trustee
Hon. Pat Fischer,
Past CBA President
Dan Moore,
CBA Board Trustee and
Executive Committee Member
Hon. Beth Myers,
Past CBA President
Kelly Mulloy Myers,
CBA Secretary
Amy Pennekamp,
CBA Board Trustee and
Chair of the Young Lawyers Section
John Stillpass,
CBA Treasurer
John Tafaro,
Immediate Past President of the CBA
Lisa McPherson,
CBA Staff Liaison
Combs is the 2015-2016 president of the Cincinnati Bar Association.
By Eric K. Combs
Searching for a
New Leader
March 2016 CBA REPORT
President’s Brief
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